Issue 4.24
June 15, 2018
Meet Superstars in Education Winner
S 3 STEM Summer Scholars
STEM related jobs are on the rise with no end in sight. The United States projects significant increases in the national demand for STEM related jobs. By 2024, growth rates in mathematics and science occupations will balloon by more than 28 percent; computer occupations, which already account for a large amount of jobs, will increase another 6.5 percent. 
DPP Progress Report
The Delaware Prosperity Partnership (DPP) has been busy with planning and prepping, especially William Kurt Foreman, the organization’s newly selected President and CEO. Mr. Foreman started work in Delaware in April, with an initial focus on building the organization and implementing the DPP strategic plan to enhance Delaware’s economy.
Legislative Report
Countdown to end of the Legislative Session begins.
Legislative Priority
This Week in Dover
The Senate introduced the FY19 budget this week and it is now under review by members of the Senate in preparation for a potential vote next week. This introduction is the earliest in, if not history, certainly in recent memory, and is a result of a windfall of projected revenues for this fiscal year and next...

Why a Right-to-Work Law is Good for Delaware
by Kevin Fasic, Esq.

At present there are twenty-eight states with Right-to-Work laws, including six states that passed these laws since 2012. The closest are Virginia (passed in 1947) and West Virginia (passed in 2016). There are currently no states in the Mid-Atlantic or New England regions with Right-to-Work laws, though efforts are underway to pass these laws in several states within these regions. Passage of a Right-to-Work law would provide a “tool” in the “toolbox” to give Delaware an advantage over our closest neighbors when seeking to attract business, economic investment, and employment opportunities.

Telemedicine: Think Twice, Think Local​
by Carolyn Morris and Andrew Wilson

What are the barriers to care in your own employee population? Do you have employees who come into work sick because they don’t want to miss work? Do you have employees with expensive chronic conditions like diabetes who need their conditions managed? Do you have a young work force who don’t get sick a lot, but none of them have a primary care doctor? Is there simply not a culture of health? If yes to any of these, telemedicine should be in your arsenal.

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