This month's newsletter features tips on how to be safer and save more this summer.
Whether you are focused on reducing slips, trips and falls on your property or need
some "green" event tips for your next company event we have you covered. Enjoy! 
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Proactive Workplace Incident Analysis and Management Reduces Incident Frequency


We are excited to bring to your attention an important discovery regarding the effectiveness of having a pro-active risk management solution in place to reduce incident rates.  

Incident Frequency Report 

AGPOM Partner, Succeed Management Solutions, recently announced the results of a study that reviewed data accumulated from over 35,000 client organizations who use the Risk Management Center web-based enterprise risk management software platform.


The results demonstrate that while workplace accidents cannot be completely eliminated, they can be effectively managed by organizations that employ a holistic, multifaceted approach to workplace safety including: incident analysis plus near-miss data tracking and reporting; rigorous employee orientation and ongoing safety training targeted to specific loss sources; and behavior-based safety programs that ensure individuals know their responsibilities. Read more here.


Manage your organization's risk: Through your membership with AGPOM, you have access to a comprehensive, completely virtual Risk Management Center, which provides an important solution to organizations like you who want to proactively manage and reduce risk in the workplace. Access the Risk Management Center here. 


Don't have your login information? Contact Jennifer Bantelman at 503-783-1919 or for your user name and password. 


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How to Reduce Slips, Trips and Falls    Caution Watch Your Step Sign

Why is the prevention of slips, trips and falls important? How do falls happen? How can my organization try to prevent them?


These questions and more are answered in the complimentary Slips, Trips and Falls training available online through the Risk Management Center.


Although this training is geared for the Hospitality Industry it generally applies to all segments that have public areas.


Log in to the Risk Management Center and go to Training Track.


Commercial Real Estate Industry Continues to See Green As Sustainability Garners Bottom-Line Benefits 
by Annie George
Real Estate Green BuildingThe greening of buildings is not only good for our planet but it's also been a boon for the commercial real estate industry. Just look at some figures to see how green is the new black for commercial construction: In 2010, a third of all new commercial construction was green, amounting to a $54 billion market for commercial green buildings.
By 2015, green buildings in the commercial sector are expected to triple, accounting for $120 billion to $145 billion in new construction and $14 billion to $18 billion in major retrofit and renovation projects.
Read the full article here!
This Month's Eco Tip - Green Up Your Gatherings by Rethinking, Reducing, Re-using and Recycling
by Heather Teegarden, CSEP, AGPOM Executive Director
Greening your company events can include many factors and one of the largest impacts you can have is eliminating excess waste by rethinking, reducing, reusing and, of course, recycling!
The first step is to "Rethink." Evaluate your current event supplies and activities. Are there items that are planned to be thrown away that could be recycled or reused? What items can be reduced or eliminated? The best way to handle excess waste is not creating it in the first place!
Next step is to "Reuse and Repurpose." 
Manufacturing and distribution create 95 percent of an item's carbon footprint. Disposal accounts for only five percent, which means that you can save energy and many resources by reusing items. Renting needed supplies rather than purchasing them is a great eco-friendly option!
The final step is to "Recycle."Typically, 75 percent of all trash can be recycled. Utilizing traditional recycling and composting services keeps many reusable materials out of the landfill. To ensure the best recycling success place recycle and compost containers with each trash container. Be sure each container is well labeled with signs that also include images of acceptable items. Always verify acceptable materials with your local hauler.
Click here to read the full article   
Member Feature: The Klein Company's New
Dwell Cherry Hill Apartments
Cherry Hill Apartments  
Renters in South Jersey looking for an eco-friendly place to live would be wise to check out the Dwell Luxury Apartments in Cherry Hill. Recently opened by The Klein CompanyDwell offers a number of green features.
All of the 233 brand-new apartments-available in one- and two-bedroom layouts-come with ENERGY STAR appliances and water-conserving faucets, toilets and showerheads. Dwell residences also contain whole-house ventilation systems to help reduce allergens, and in the private garages the fumes from car exhaust are minimized thanks to air filtration systems.

Underground rain vaults and native plant landscaping are also part of the Dwell experience, and Level 2 electric car chargers can be found around the perimeter of the property.


"Dwell offers high-performance green apartments, designed to be healthy, comfortable, durable, energy-efficient and environmentally responsible," says Clay Chandler, vice president of development for The Klein Company. "We're intent on shrinking our environmental footprint and improving our residents' rental lifestyle in the process." To help with this Dwell educates and encourages its residents to contribute to the sustainability of the community, providing green features orientation training and a manual on greener living for every home.  


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