June  2016 Newsletter

Summer Safety for Your Teen! 
The long awaited summer break is here and with it comes new adventures and experiences for your teen! As a parent or guardian of a teen it is important to keep them safe as they enjoy the summer months. The Office of National Drug Control Policy created the SUMMER acronym below to help families remember these prevention tips!

Set Rules: Clear rules are needed about activities and friends. Involve your teen in setting limits and consequences.

Understand and Communicate: Keep lines of communication open. Significant parent involvement is the most important factor in preventing drug use

Monitor Activities: Know each day what your teen has planned, where they will be, with whom, and what their schedule is. Have planned "check-ins." Unmonitored teens are four times more likely to engage in drug use or other risky behaviors.

Make sure you stay involved: Know who their friends are and have a relationship with them. Stay connected to let you teen know you care.

Encourage involvement in summer activities: Teens who are involved in Scouts, 4-H, sports, church or other youth activities have a focus for the summer. 

Reserve time for family: Even though teens may seem like they don't want to spend time with their family, it is beneficial to have meals together, take a vacation and do other family activities. 

Underage Drinking

More than 11,000 youth a day used alcohol for the first time during June and July. By comparison, less than half the amount of youth try alcohol during the rest of the year.

Check out SAPCA's Resource Page to learn more and get tips for talking with your teen!
So You Want to Go to Beach Week?
SAPCA developed a guide for parents and their teens to navigate the planning and preparation for a safe beach week celebration. Check out guide to get helpful tips on how to select a rental property, talking to your teen, and setting expectations for all teens and their parents involved in beach week. 

Underage Drinking Peaks in the Summer
MADD has great resources for parents and additional tips on how you can keep your children safe. Check out their article on underage drinking during the summer months to learn more. 

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Talk. They Hear You.
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) created the underage drinking prevention campaign, Talk. They Hear You., to encourage parents to talk often with their children about the dangers of underage drinking. SAMHSA has many resources for parents to use in starting the difficult conversation with their teen including a Family Agreement Form.
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