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June/July 2013


Summer is a great time to get all those "honey do" items around the house completed.  What?  You say it's too hot, you don't have the tools, you don't have the desire?  I have the perfect solution for you.
If you refer a new client to Leading Edge Homes and they proceed with a project that costs over $5,000, I will give you up to four (4) hours of "handyman" time FOR FREE to get whatever small projects you have been putting off accomplished.  All you have to pay for are the materials.

Please phone in your referrals to us at 561-795-2551, or email them to:


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Todd Perry
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From Falling Apart to Fabulous


In the May 2013 newsletter, I told you about a house where the family room (an addition) was sinking and pulling away from the original house. The builder (not Leading Edge Homes) did not take precautions for soil conditions, which is especially important since the house is located on the Intracoastal Waterway. The old room had to be demolished, piers were installed into the bedrock 25' below the surface and made part of the foundation, and a new family room was constructed to the current building code.  



As you can see from the pictures above, the completed addition looks great and like it has always been a part of the house. Even the building inspector raved about how fantastic the addition looked, but more importantly how rock solid it was built and will not cause a problem in the future.


My favorite part is how happy the homeowners are with the finished product. Not only do they no longer have to worry about their room sinking and causing damage to their original home, the new room stays cool, the roof no longer leaks, and the new family room addition fits their indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

How to Take Your Garage Door From Eyesore to Eye Candy


Garage doors are typically utilitarian in nature and architecturally bland - but they don't have to be. There are many different materials, styles, and features in garage doors today.


You can get your door in many finishes and colors to complement the design of your home. You can even get a garage door with windows. Windows in garage doors are not as strange as you may think. They provide architectural beauty to the outside of your home and allow natural light in to brighten up the space. There are many window design options for today's modern garage doors, just remember they will probably need hurricane protection.


All garage doors are not created equal. There are many things to consider when choosing a garage door (which of course must meet the Florida building code for hurricane resistance).


Here are some things to consider when choosing a garage door:


The door's material will impact how much annual maintenance is required, how much punishment it can take and how long it will last. For example:

  • Steel doors offer a classic design as well as the traditional carriage house style. These doors are durable, needing only minimal cleaning and maintenance.
  • Vinyl doors are longer lasting and suited to areas subjected to severe weather. They are rust-free, dent resistant and never need repainting.
  • Fiberglass doors have the look of real wood with a natural grain appearance. They are made of durable steel but with a fiberglass skin.
  • Real wooden doors offer classic craftsmanship. While they do require periodic maintenance (paint or stain), they make a perfect complement to any architectural style.
  • Aluminum and glass doors offer the most sophisticated look and modern features, including a variety of glass options. While aluminum doors require no maintenance, they do not have the same level of insulation as the other doors.

Most people don't think that a garage door's insulation is important, however, it provides cost saving energy efficiency while reducing noise levels from the outside. Also, when you insulate your garage door, you are making the garage more suitable to use for things other than storage, including a work area or even a place for social gatherings. Although the room is not, and should not be, air conditioned space, the insulation helps reduce the heat from the outside.


An advantage of polyurethane insulated doors is that they provide added fire safety. This type of insulation acts as a barrier in reducing the amount of smoke and flames generated in a fire.


It is surprising how affordable garage doors have become. In most cases, people are guilty of doubling the price when they guess how much it will be. In general, the most expensive doors are those made of premium wood followed by fiberglass, steel, uninsulated steel and finally lower grade wooden doors.


It goes without saying that here in Florida you should also verify that there is a Florida Product Approval for the door, a permit is pulled for its installation, and that you are given copies of all the documentation for homeowner's insurance discount purposes. Without the proper documentation, your home owner's insurance rates may increase and you could have a problem when you go to sell your house.


On A Personal Note...
Most of you know I am a big dog lover and follower of Cesar Milan's advice on dogs.  Today I received a great email from him about how to make sure that your dog doesn't get overheated and how to visually tell how hot your dog is feeling.  Enjoy the link below:
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