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Lentils Together
(Red, Green, And French Lentils)
Bob's Hot and Spicy Mix
(Arugula, Cress, Mustard and Radish)
Read this PDF to learn how to sprout these gelatinous Seeds
Andrea's Mix
(Broccoli, Clover, Radish, and Fenugreek )
Two Wheats Together
(Hard and Kamut Wheats)
Salad Mix
(Alfalfa, Radish, Clover, and Broccoli)
Soft White Wheat
(VERY LIMITED STOCK - will sell out quickly)
Hard Wheat
Kamut Wheat


We have a guest blogger this month - Carrie Spencer from  She wrote a great post
What a coincidence! Growing sprouts is budget friendly.  Read the blog post  and get other ideas about how growing veggies and sprouts are wise choices for your waste and your wallet.

I added 3 more PDF's to the collection.
  1. A list of all of our seeds with links to the page
  2. A list of all of our mixes with links to the page
  3. A sprouting chart for information at your fingertips on soaking and sprouting.

How are you doing? How are you getting along?
I have been thinking lately about being focused and what gets me through the day. I rely on moments of joy. A glimpse of a hummingbird in the yard; my funny old cat curled next to me while I am on the computer; the symphonic sounds of the crickets before I fall asleep; starting new seeds and rinsing my sprouts. Quiet joyful moments strung throughout my day. That is what gets me to the next moment. I hope you can make starting new seeds and rinsing sprouts a joyful moment for yourself and family and friends. It's not a chore or task or to do item on a list. That daily ritual can be a meditative sweet spot where no other thoughts crowd the mind. Only the sounds of water and the sight of the sprouts as they grow.

[August Seeds on Sale
Find out why you need to soak most seeds by reading a post from our Blog where we delve into the specifics of sprouting and throw in a fantastic recipe for you to enjoy. Click on the photo to get to the Blog.