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Our Neighborhood
Neighborhood Meetings - Summer Schedule
Jefferson Park Neighbors Meetings - Wednesdays
May  -  No general meeting
June 26 - 6:00 PM, Ward III Office, 1510 E. Grant Road
Quarterly Meeting
July 24  -  6:00 PM, 
Ward III Office, 1510 E. Grant Rd.
August -  No general meeting - Last chance to escape the heat!
Grant Road Coalition Meetings - Tuesdays
May  -  No meeting
June 25 - 5:30 Ward III Office, 1510 E. Grant Road
Guest Speaker:  Katie Gannon, Tucson Clean and Beautiful
Planning for the Heritage Landscape Linear Park
Come learn about the planned park from Park Avenue to Santa Rita.  
TPD & Residents
Safety Meetings
Central  Neighborhoods - Tuesdays
May 28, J une 25, July 23, August 27
6:30, Ward III Office, 1510 E. Grant Road

Police representatives from mid-town and west side meet with neighbors to talk about safety concerns in the neighborhoods.  Join residents of Jefferson Park and nearby neighborhoods to learn about trends.
Jefferson Park - Police Officers
Two "Lead Police Officers" are assigned to each region.  Jefferson Park is located in the Westside Division.  The two for our area are:
Ofc. Francisco Santa Maria 
Phone: 520-589-8684 
On Duty: Weekends, Evenings 

Ofc. Jeffrey Stover 
Phone: 520-589-8729 
On Duty: Weekdays, Days
If you are unable to reach the Lead Police Officer (LPO) for your area, leave a voicemail, text message, or email, and he or she will get in touch with you as soon as they are able. 
If you do not hear back from your LPO within 5 days, please call the  West Division: 520-791-4467 and request to speak with the supervisor of the officer for whom you left the message. 
Community Service Officer: Monica Van Norman
Phone: Office: 520-837-7241 Cell: 520-965-7674
JP Neighborhood - Area Representatives 
Each needs a back-up assistant - Got a minute?
Jefferson Park needs assistants for our Area Reps.  Six areas - see below.  Every quarter they distribute the door hangers. If you can offer to help, see the map below.  E-mail your area rep or contact Colleen at: or 520-792-2820, to find out where you are needed.
No new name for the Campbell Frontage Road
After much research, and some excitement, we have been informed by the City that a frontage road must have the same name as the major street to which it is attached. Therefore, the Campbell Ave. access road will remain just that, and its name may not be changed - much to our disappointment!
A legal battle which will impact all neighborhoods, and you can support it.
Contested development in Mountain View Neighborhood
Mountain View Neighborhood is now planning an appeal to the Superior Court. They strongly believe that the proposed FLD certainly does not adhere to their area plan. Their case is important because it will test how neighborhood plans are honored. Mountain View needs donations to their legal fund. The JPNA board voted to donate $500.  If you would like to contribute, you can send your donations to:
Mtn. View Legal Fund
Post Net, 2954 N. Campbell #143, Tucson, AZ  85719
Tell Mayor and Council neighborhood plans are not "just advisory".
On May 21, residents of the University Area will have an opportunity to show Mayor and Council that we care about Area Plans and Neighborhood Plans.  This is an issue of importance to all of us, as we are covered by the University Area Plan. 
WHAT:  Mayor and Council Study Session with Tucson Residents for Responsive Government presentation on Area and Neighborhood Plans.
WHERE:  Council Chambers, City Hall, 255 W. Alameda. Use east entrance.   Allow time for security screening.
WHEN:  Tuesday, May 21, around 1 PM.  Actual start time will not be set until the day before.
(D. Lett, Feldman Neighborhood Assn)
Wear your Jefferson Park T-shirt! Don't have one? They're available.
Get your Jefferson Park T-shirt!
These well-made and wearable T-shirts are a fundraiser for JP!
Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large
Proceeds benefit neighborhood projects
Get yours from one of the Jefferson Park area reps listed below:
Lisa:  622-1682, email:
Joanne:   798-3602, email: 
Laurel-Heather:  343-0073, email:
Jefferson Park Entrance Signs
Our project depends on the generosity of our neighbors and our community at large. Please consider a donation, and if you know a business who might be willing to donate, please consider asking them to participate.  CLICK HERE for the donation form. Friends of Jefferson Park, Inc. is a non-profit and will be sending receipts for tax purposes. 

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!
Business -  Long Realty
1 Lester neighbor 
2 Waverly neighbors
2 Linden neighbors
Banner Park features Polo History
The Park near Martin and Lester has added the polo pony rider statue.  The plaque is not yet installed, which will give the history of the UA ROTC Polo Team that played 1920-1945 preparing for the war.

Children's interpretations of the UA polo team are etched in the ceiling of the Ramada.  The Ramada itself is designed to be reminiscent of the Quonset huts erected for the veterans of WWII returning to UA studies.
This photo taken facing north, see Catalina Mountains in the background.

The spectators are parked along Chauncey Lane/Lester, the southern boundary of Jefferson Park.  Note the old woody to the left of the player in the foreground.

For more pics and a  short history go to the neighborhood website
Separation, Mitigation, for Jeff Park and Banner
How to share the space and maintain neighborhood privacy
Above:  "Open-ness"  at Warren/Lester
Right:  Proposed mitigation at Ring Road north of Emergency Room entrance
Banner and the Jefferson Park Banner Committee are considering options to mitigate the shared open area between neighborhood and hospital.

Since the area has been visually opened, the neighborhood has experienced a variety of issues, such as  patients wandering through neighborhood streets in various states of health.  Of particular concern are the open spaces immediately north of the Emergency Room.
  Neighbor's photos and verbal reports have confirmed the influx. As a result, partial fencing with vegetation is being considered.

As the neighborhood works with Banner, please note that any patients not on the immediate hospital property are not subject to Banner Security.  So within the neighborhood, if needed, call 911.  Please follow up with a call to Banner Security so they can document and alert their security.

Banner Hospital patients who wander...
There have been reports of patients leaving the Banner property and short-cutting through the neighborhood.  These folks are in various states of health.  Patients who are on foot are sometimes at risk, and are not good for Banner, nor for the neighborhood
Call Banner Security 520-694-6533 
if you witness any wandering patients or find any tossed bandages, etc.
If the situation warrants, call 911 
BUT ALSO call Banner Security so it can be recorded.   
We appreciate Banner's willingness to be pro-active, and neighbors must be diligent about reporting occurrences. 
Jefferson Park Pot Holes.....
HOW TO REPORT TRANSPORTATION CONCERNS - Is there a pothole you'd like to see fixed? Is a street sign missing? Is a tree limb hanging over into a roadway or obstructing a sidewalk? You can report these issues to the Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT), (520) 791-3154, or email the exact location to  
Tucson Department of Transportation:
Unruly Gatherings Statistics
Need to report an Unruly Gathering?  See the process HERE.

Loud Music calls - 1
Loud Party calls -  1
Red Tags Issued - 0 
All reports are received from TPD.  A letter is mailed to the resident and owner to let them know phone calls have been made.  If an address receives a red tag it will appear on the front of the home. 
Park Cleanup - Every third Saturday
Help Needed -  3rd Saturday of the month - 8am

No RSVP needed, just show up about 8am.   BYOB-bring your own bag...or we supply. 

Clean up is quick - we usually take less than an hour. Many hands make light work!

If you do pick-up during the week, contact Joanne Osuna at  and your time will count.  We report our hours to Tucson Clean and Beautiful as part of the Adopt-a-Park program .
Photographs - 2020 calendar
Read with us....
See something lovely in Jefferson Park? Take a pic!
E-mail your pictures to . We will begin collecting the images.  Most phone images are just fine!

Know that by e-mailing an image you are giving permission to print it.  Please add your contact information.  

There will be no identifying names, address etc. in the calendar--just beautiful images of the neighborhood.  
Grant Road Project marches on- Phases 3 & 4
Special Thanks to our Community Supporters!
Jefferson Park is fortunate to have had the support of business and community entities, now and in the past.  Here we say thank you!
Support:Historic nomination and entrance signs.
Support: Buffle Grass  Clean up, Greenspace and Community Park, change to no parking on north side of Lester
Support: Clean up

Greening and Cleaning
About weeds in yards and alleys
Weeds over 6" are a code violation.  Private homes are responsible for weeds to the center of the alley as well as to the curb out front. Be a good neighbor and get rid of those weeds!

A yard with weeds can be reported to Code Enforcement who will notify the homeowner.  No fines will be charged so long as the owner cleans up the weeds in a given amount of time.  If you see a yard with excessive weeds, report to - Tucson Code Enforcement  On-line at  (520) 791-5843 Monday-Friday from 9:30 AM to 4 PMor use the app:  SeeClickfix.

If the resident is elderly or disabled, the Jefferson Park Green Committee could help.  If you know someone needs help, e-mail  the Green Committee at or call Joan Hall  at  990-8054. 
Keep watch for a troublesome new invader
A new invasive weed, globe chamomile, has been spreading through the Phoenix area and has just been spotted in Tucson. We need all neighbors to be on the look out to keep it from spreading into our neighborhood and throughout Tucson. 
Important Contacts
Area Reps need help.  Check out your area and offer to help once every 3 months!

Area #1 - Mary Worthen 
Area #2 - Jon Heine
Area #3 - Laurel-Heather Milden
Area #5 - Joanne Osuna
Area #6 -  Lisa Jones
Ward III - Councilperson Paul Durham 
Paul Durham
1510 E Grant
and aide Nick Mahon

Ward III, See Paul's e-news at:
Ward VI, Steve Kozachik newsletter: 

Report Transportation Concerns
Is there a pothole you'd like to see fixed? Is a street sign missing? Is a tree limb hanging too close over a roadway or sidewalk?
You can report these issues to the  Tucson Department of Transportation  (TDOT), (520) 791-3154, or email the exact location to

What is a code violation?
And whom do I call?
Download  an information sheet approved by the City Code Enforcement Division

Banner Construction 
and Info Line
Construction Updates on the University Campus  Banner University Medical Center Tucson Campus  website  for the hospital expansion project. 

Emergency 24/7 phone number for the Banner project construction team: (520) 268-9575
UA Neighborhood Hotline 
Student Related issues can be reported to this number. 
Should not be used for 911 calls which should be directed to the TPD
24/7 available

Banner Security
Witness any encroachment of patients or visitors etc into the neighborhood?  Banner wants to know. Please call so that the incident can be documented
Security at 520-694-6533
Report a  non-emergency crime:
Report an  emergency crime:     911
See the  latest crimes  in Jefferson Park:
See  code violations  in Jefferson Park:
Report an  issue with Banner:  Emergency 24/7 (520) 268-9575
Report an  issue with the U of A:  24/7 available ( 520) 282-3649
Report an  unruly gathering:  Call 911  CLICK HERE to see Flow Chart 
See historic photos of Jefferson Park:
Helicopter Noise/ Banner Hospital contact Mark Ostrand through BUMC Security at 694-6533. 
Stay in Touch
Signing up for the E-News
Go to and click on the e-news sign-up form. Or send them this form!

Get on the List Serve!
To sign up for the neighborhood list serve,  send a blank email to  
or send a request for an invitation to 
Come to the JPNA Monthly Meeting
Fourth Wednesday of the Month, 6pm Ward III Office, 1510 E Grant Rd. 
Renew your $15 voluntary JPNA membership dues
Renew by mail (print and mail membership form) OR 

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