on popular demand I am scheduling an extra
Enlightenment Meditation Workshop
Thursday August 18th
6.30 - 8.00 pm
Centro Quivit
f500 pp
*f375 Early Bird price before August 1st
or if you are taking this workshop for a 2nd or 3rd time

Meditation nowadays is not a luxury or a trend
It is a necessity!
You have a definite disadvantage in life
if you do not have any stress reducing, regenerating or soul enhancing practice.
Learn how to transcend stress and live in your Enlightened core.

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Some workshop takeaways :
"Realization of importance of self care"
"Connect with like minded people"
" Connect with my soul"
" I am not alone but part of a larger network"
" The gift of finding myself and tools to continue on this journey"

" This is my second time that I am a part of the Enlightenment Workshop.
And it is surely something I will continue doing.
This workshop offers tools to come back 'to myself'
Words can not explain the feelings and benefits this workshop has brought me.
Thank you to Shanti I am on a beautiful path.
The yoga path to myself, to know myself and connect with myself. "
~ Ghislaine
Full Moon Rainbow Circle
Sleep under the stars
Thursday August 11th
drums ~ heart connections ~ healing ~ honor mother earth ~ celebrate life
*location details received upon registration
An enchanting and serene experience...

Meditate with butterflies!
Every Wednesday at The Butterfly Farm
7.15-8.00 am $15 / f15 locals
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or pay online Shanti Shop
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