Summer Season Is Almost Here!

Memorial Day Weekend, which this year begins on Saturday, May 29, is the traditional start of the summer recreation season. That means fun in the sun (as well as in, on or near the water) is right around the corner! Here are some important dates, tips and other info to keep in mind:
The lagoon at Spring Lake opens for swimming July 1, a little later than usual this year. The lagoon’s inflatable water park will not be installed, but we look forward to bringing it back next year.

Kayak and paddleboard rentals at Spring Lake are scheduled to start May 29 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and continue daily through the summer.

Our roving lifeguard patrols return to Russian River beaches starting May 29. Our stands of free “loaner” life vests also will be available on river beaches. Just grab a vest for the day and return it when you leave.
Ready for a summer picnic? Due to the partial lifting of Covid restrictions, we are now accepting group picnic reservations for June 15 onward. 

Please be careful when swimming in the Russian River. Conditions are variable and there can be unseen hazards in the river, even with flows well below normal due to the dry winter.

Rebuilt Alta Vista Trail Gives Foothill Fans a Leg Up
Alta Vista Trail in Windsor's Foothill Regional Park has always been a popular hike, and now it’s even better following the addition of new switchbacks and other improvements. Come see the expansive views, the beautiful nature and the fascinating fire recovery in one of Sonoma County’s best-used outdoor destinations.
Foothill's Fire Adaptation

Can a park be designed with wildfire and community in mind? We think so, and are putting the idea into practice with help from a $500,000 Kaiser Permanente grant to improve climate resilience at Foothill. That means the addition of strategic infrastructure along with amenities such as outdoor classrooms and gathering areas. See our news release for more.
Plan for New River Access by Cloverdale Seeks Input

For many years the public has used Sonoma County's northernmost stretch of the Russian River, north of Cloverdale and south of the county line, for swimming, fishing, paddling and sunbathing. But the informal access there has led to environmental and public safety concerns. 

A new Regional Parks project aims to fix that, offering three dedicated parking lots, safe and sustainable river access and other amenities. The project is in the planning phase, and we’d love to hear your opinions on it.
Don't Fear the Rattler (But Watch Where You Step)

Warmer weather means more rattlesnake sightings in the parks, such as this northern Pacific rattler filmed recently by a visitor to Sonoma Valley Regional Park. It's easy to share the outdoors with this important native species when you know what to expect and how to stay safe if you do encounter one.
Wright Hill, Calabazas Creek Joining Parks Family
We’re excited to have two amazing properties coming to us this year as future parkland. Both Wright Hill, a 1,200-acre coastal ranch south of Jenner, and Calabazas Creek, a diverse 1,300-acre gem in the Mayacamas, are gorgeous and sure to be popular additions to the Regional Parks network.

Both were acquired by Sonoma Ag + Open Space and are scheduled to transfer to us later this summer (though they won't be open to the public right away).
Hood Mountain Keeps Growing

In another great example of parkland expansion, Hood Mountain Regional Park is growing by 200 acres thanks to the acquisition of Fitzsimmons Ranch via Sonoma Land Trust. The addition permanently protects this crucial wildlife corridor in the Mayacamasand creates new outdoor space for visitors to explore. Read more on Fitzsimmons Ranch and its addition to Hood Mountain.
Join Our Team

Sonoma County Regional Parks is looking for people with diverse skills and backgrounds to join us as park aides, ground maintenance workers, lifeguards, and marina attendants. For those with a passion for the outdoors, parks and people, now is a great time to apply.
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