My family and friends know that I love to try new recipes. This easy to prepare recipe is full of flavor and a huge hit with children and adults. Plus, it is perfect for a large crowd. Make it a day early and you have a nice cool treat to start your cookout.


Fluffy Strawberry Salad

Time: 15 min. hands on + 1 hour chilling time

Yield: 15 generous servings


1 (6 ounce) box strawberry or raspberry jello

1 C boiling water

1 C crushed ice (or 1 C cold water)

1 (5.1 ounce) box instant vanilla pudding

1 (20 ounce) can crushed pineapple

4 C mini marshmallows

1 (12 ounce) container cool whip, thawed

1 (16 ounce) container strawberries

Etiquette Tip of The Month

Want faster service?  Close your menu when you have decided what to order.  You may re-open it when the waiter returns to your table.

Toasting, it's not just for weddings

Toasts are a wonderful way to create memories. Celebrating accomplishment, friendship and kinship are all reasons to give a toast. Good will is all it requires.


The intricate attention to every detail was far beyond what was expected.  Each lesson was clear and easy to follow.  The lessons were the basic fine tuning that could help our young people have an advantage in any career that he or she might choose.  
~ L.W.

Detroit Michigan


When Mrs. Dolsey completed the etiquette series, our participants understood that etiquette was another tool to be used in their pursuit of success.  Mrs. Dolsey's knowledge of etiquette and her ability to make it interesting brought a lot of value to this year's cotillion program.

~ G. P.

Detroit, Michigan


Thank you so much, for the informative speech.  You gave our club some great ideas on how to network and increase our membership.

~ J. R.

Royal Oak, Michigan

Thank you

Thank you notes complete the circle of kindness.  Anytime, someone extends themselves to us, we should show gratitude and appreciation.  A thank you note should be written and mailed promptly.  E-mail thank you notes may be appropriate on some occasions.  However, a handwritten thank you note will have a much greater impact than two lines in an email message. 


Contrary to popular opinion newlyweds do not have a year to send thank you notes.  Wedding gift thank you notes should be the first joint project for the newlyweds.

Respondez sil vous plait

Please reply - RSVP is probably the most ignored social etiquette rule. If you have ever planned an event you know the necessity of knowing who will attend.  Many well-planned events have been thrust into chaos because of no shows, and people who failed to RSVP.  Here are a few RSVP tips, to keep you in demand 
as a guest. 

  1. Respond as it says. As soon as possible. Don't wait until the last day, you may forget.
  2. Never invite others. It is rude to bring uninvited guests.
  3. If you respond that you will attend. Be there!
  4. No backing out for a perceived better event.
  5. Arrive on time. Latecomers, may cause unnecessary disruptions.

Wedding invitations often contain response cards. Complete and return by mail. Sometimes an invitation may state regrets only. In these cases, respond only if you are unable to attend.

Our etiquette classes can help you improve your workplace etiquette, guide your children in learning good manners, and help you refresh your etiquette skills for formal events. We can also customize a program to your unique needs.

Thank you,

Wisetta Dolsey

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