One of the biggest hurdles facing agriculture today is getting young people into it. While many may be interested, few have access to the capital or knowledge to buy a farm and be successful.

For the last decade, we had been working with Gary Vogley for blueberries. His orchard had been established for over 30 years, and Gary was getting older. Two years ago he was in his early 80s and was thinking about retiring. His children were not interested in the farm and his listing found no buyers, so to the auction block it went.

Auctions are very typical in the country. In fact, around me real estate rarely lists for sale. It's often held at a no-reserve auction. When a farm goes for sale, it rarely is sold as one parcel - instead divided up into small pieces to fetch a higher price.

This parceling of farm land is detrimental to farming and our food security. Further, it drives up land prices and taxes, further compounding the woes of the small farmer.

When Gary decided to auction his farm, he sold it as one parcel. And, we were lucky that a young couple bought it and are motivated, innovative farmers.