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Hello friends & family of Cornerstone! And... it's August! We are having a sizzler of a summer and we are enjoying every minute! Kingston is in phase 3 of re-opening post covid which means we can all enjoy a bit of shopping and socializing again. While we still need to be mindful of wearing our facial covering/masks/or shields, still continuing to hand sanitize /wash hands and maintain some physical distancing where we can, it's nice that there is a small feeling of a "return to normal". While there still are not many “In person” events happening out there in the world, we now feel that our painting class with Marissa Sweet will be a welcome outing and fun time for people. I urge you to sign up quickly as we can only safely have 8 people and a couple of those spots have been taken.

In anticipation of people taking advantage of the shopping local campaigns, we have ordered nothing but the best pieces for the store. We have taken plenty of photos of some of the amazing things we have, so I will not bore you with the descriptions! Suffice to say, that as the owner of Cornerstone, sometimes it’s very challenging not to say, “Okay, I want everything!!!”

Our featured artist for August is an old friend of Cornerstone! Lee-Ann Taras is a former employee here, and we love her work now as much as we loved it while she was here! Her work is always interesting and filled with colour pattern and textures. This show is called, “ Alchemy”. Drop in and see the show and take a piece home for your own viewing pleasure.

Remember how we announced that our wooden board supplier Gary Kennell had retired? Well... he's still retired however.... we received a huge final shipment from him. Unfortunately for some of his retailers, Covid-19 forced them to cancel or reduce their orders... their loss was our gain and we are delighted that if you have fallen in love with his work but never got around to purchasing it, THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE! our new cutting board people (Muskoka Woodworking) will be sending their pieces later in September.

I am going to cut this one short and just leave you with some lovely photos of some of the new things at the store to tantalize your tastebuds! Have a safe, healthy & happy summer.... before you know it the temps will be getting cooler and the days much shorter... sigh.

Please continue to follow us on Instagram, FB & Pinterest to keep up on the latest news from us. Share our newsletters so others can sign up, and share our social media posts too. Hang in there with us and let's be there for each other and most of all, let's BE KIND.

From our heart to yours,
Penny & the staff at Cornerstone

P.S. NEWSFLASH.... Just as I was finishing this newsletter a little birdie told me (okay ... it was Lisa!), that we have new arrivals from Ruth Pugh, Janice Moorhead, Ola Designs, David Solomon and Khiam Creations, Paula Bund, Euroaccents, Franc Van Oort, Sarah Hale, GAM and Basic Spirit!!!! It’s Christmas in August!
Cornerstone Canadian Art & Craft...
Featured Local Artist - Lee-Ann Taras
Lee-Ann Taras has been a friend of Cornerstone for many years and we are happy to have her as our featured local artist for August. Texture, colour, pattern have always been a part of her paintings and her show, Alchemy, is no exception. I encourage everyone to come in and take a closer look.
Gary Kennell - GKE Boards.... LAST CHANCE!
Zentangle Classes
Zentangle is a meditative art form that uses a series of repetitive patterns to create unique pieces of art that may be completed within 20 -30 minutes. Zentangle can be taught to children (7 & up), adults and the elderly to help create focus, relaxation and the sheer joy of creating even if you "can't draw!"

I am a certified Zentangle teacher and I will be happy to teach you this art form. While we won't be scheduling classes at the moment, we will most certainly be doing that again in the future!

(BTW... Those coloring books that you see? A lot of those are based on Zentangle! Wouldn't it be great to create your own pages to colour?)

If you want to join our FB group please click the link below. We welcome beginners too!
Every Tuesday is Tangle Tuesday where I post a new tangle I have done or new ideas for tangling. Group members are encouraged to post their tangles too but this is not required. This month we are doing a tangle a day challenge. The list is posted in the group so join up and try it out!!!

We have just started the group so that we can get together. People who like Zentangle here in Kingston please Join, Post & Share. We are posting weekly patterns to try and posting our Tangling results. We are open to ideas and just looking for a fun, relaxing way to hang out and do some Zentangle. It's a great stress reliever for times like this and time passes by quickly! Zentangle can be whimsical too and you can leave it in B&W or get your markers or pencil crayons out and colour it too!
A Moment of Inspiration & Positivity.....
I have decided that we needed a new "newsletter feature" to help inject positivity into the world. If you have seen something or done something that you want to share just pop us an email! it could be an inspiring quote, a photo, poem, a recipe, song etc. (Please attach applicable credits to acknowledge if the work does not belong to you).

When Covid-19 hit us back in March, we saw an outpouring of love, caring and consideration happen. We saw evidence that without human intervention, the planet could actually begin doing some healing. Animals roamed more freely as we were forced to remain inside. Covid-19 was an opportunity to hit the re-set button, and create an new world where we as humans could change our behaviour for the better. But human beings are forgetful creatures and in our bid to get back to “normal” we have demonstrated some rather bizarre behaviour. We are rioting, treating each other with disrespect and disregard and in general just being selfish. So here is a little reminder of what we learned and that we still can create a new, better normal than the one we had.

On-line shopping & The New Website
Cape Dorset Calendars Are Here!!!
Want to get a jump on your plans for 2021? We have, hot off the press, the 2021 Cape Dorset Calendars for you to plan your life with! Beautiful imagery that you can keep forever while supporting our Inuit people
Sky, Land & Water - Class with Marissa Sweet

Marissa has graciously offered a new date!!!!
(We love you Marissa!)
Sunday October 4, from 10 AM - 5 PM.

Here is the very talented, award-winning and lovely, Marissa Sweet. Now we can add television star to her growing list of accolades! We are excited that she is coming to our "Little Shop On The Corner" to teach another class with a new piece. This step-by-step class will have Marissa revealing some of her amazing painting techniques. I love the new piece (see below). It reminds me of spending time with my BFF Laurie at her parents home on Lake McKellar in Parry Sound...... ahhhhh those were the days! Spaces are limited to just 8 and 2 are already taken... Yes - one of them is me! Join us for this fun day. Call the store at 613-546-7967 to reserve. Registration fee is $155.00 and includes lunch from a local restaurant. (Soon you will be able to register on line too)

Here is the class description & materials list!

Sky, land and Water
By: Marissa Sweet SCA
Description: Learn to portray sky, land and water by using bold colours and loose impressionist strokes. Students will learn by following step-by-step on how to create a captivating landscape. Instructions will be based on Marissa’s techniques of painting, but with freedom to move and develop your own style.
Supply list:
1 - canvas or gesso’d wooden board 16” x 20” or 16” x 16”
Paint Supplies :
Colours: Acrylic paint in heavy body
- Red : Alizarin Crimson
- Ultramarine Blue
- Yellow: Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue, Naples Yellow
- Titanium White
- Burnt Sienna
1 – jar Golden Regular Gel, small bottle - retarder
1- Palette Knife – Medium and small sizes
Brushes, ½” 1” in flat or filbert,
Important supplies: Palette paper, paper towel, Water container
Notebook for notes
• Option: easel
Option: Students can use (below) for a small charge of $35 to be paid directly to the instructor:
1) paint colours
2) brushes
3) acrylic Gel and Retarder 
A Taste of What's In Store.....
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