The Process
Just back from ski camp, the season is over so, what do you do to prep your skis for summer storage. Before you go out and enjoy the warm, sunny days, it is a good idea to properly put your skis to bed until the snow starts falling again. Below is what you need to do to keep your skis in good shape for the coming year.
  To start the process, be sure to have a proper workbench to tune on, a set of sturdy vices, protective eyewear, and tuning gloves. 
Phase one: Dins :
Find an appropriate screwdriver and turn down the dins on your bindings, this helps keep the binding springs in good condition (don’t forget to check the dins before getting on snow in the fall).
Phase two: Inspecting the ski :
Next, take a glance up and down the skis, look closely at the edges and base. Inspect for any base or edge damage. Small scratches will clean up just fine, but any deep gouges will need to be filled in with P-TEX. This can be done by a ski shop, or you can do it yourself by following these easy steps found on youtube. .
Take a closer look at the edges, look for flat or rough spots. If there are any imperfections, use a file guide with a coarse diamond stone. Run the stone along the edge; this should only take a few passes. To clean and polish the edge make a final pass with a ceramic stone. Visually inspect the edges again to make sure they are smooth, and the imperfections have been worked out. More difficult edge issues may likely require a file and stone to remove a rough burr.
Phase three: Base Prep:
Once your edges are tuned up, it’s time to start prepping the bases for summer storage.
Step One: Take a steel or brass brush to clean and rejuvenate the base. Only brush in one direction, tip to tail, until the bottoms are shining and the structure is easy to see. Usually, the brushes will have an arrow pointing to the correct way to use them. After brushing, wipe the base with a clean, light-colored, dry cloth, inspect for dirt. Brush again if there is dirt. If there is no visible structure on the base, then it's time to take them into a shop for a new stone grind.
Step Two: Use Baseprep Wax with an iron. Drip wax over the length of the ski. Iron in the wax by slowly passing over the dripped wax, make sure you have an even coat of wax across the entire base. With an edge a scraper, clean any wax off only the edges to help prevent rust from forming.
Final Step: With your ski edges cleaned up and a healthy coat of wax protecting the bases it’s time to strap and store the skis. An essential part of storing your skis is making sure you are storing them in the right spot. For long storage, the best place to store skis is in an area that is COOL and DRY and put them on a mat or towel. If you're storing them in a hot and humid garage, the edges will rust over the summer, which is difficult to remove.
Following these steps correctly, you will be hitting the slopes next fall with skis that are ready to go!