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August 2019
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Summer slowdown? Not this year!  
There are plenty of opportunities out there.  
Be sure you are staying in touch with your current customers and following up with new prospects
Be aware: a booming economy has not killed off the bargain hunter.   Customers are still trying to get a better deal.  Be sure to stand firm when faced with price objections.   
Remember when they ask for a better price, it means they're interested!
The Team at Normac
P.S. Plan ahead for a booming fall season. Customers start thinking about fall services after Labor Day.  Start preparing your fall marketing campaigns now.  

Exciting Changes at Normac 
Sale of Normac to Heritage Landscape Supply Group will maintain continuity of management and excellent customer support.
In July, Normac's President Fred Ferri shared the exciting news:  "We have reached an agreement to join forces with with Heritage Landscape Supply Group.
Heritage Landscape Supply Group is a family of independent irrigation and landscape distributors. The Heritage model allows each member company to run autonomously, rather combining into a large national chain. This will allow Normac to retain our identity and reputation and to continue to chart our own destiny. It also allows us to provide better benefits for our employees and gives Normac access to capital to fuel future growth opportunities to provide better service, products and locations for our customers. We are currently developing plans for this and expect to make further announcements soon.  
This partnership represents a new chapter in our history, one that I am proud to be a part of. Our commitment to the highest level of customer service will remain steadfast. We believe that this new era with the Heritage family of companies will provide even more opportunities to deliver on it. I will remain as President of the company. Our Management team will remain the same, with the promotion of Brandon Baudot to District Manager of Sales and Operations. Other members of the Normac team will continue to provide the service you have come to expect. 
I am excited about what the future holds for our company. If you have questions about this new transition or ideas on how best to serve you in the future, please direct them to me or any of our team. Let me assure you that I am confident without a doubt that Heritage is the best possible partner for Normac, our employees, and our customers."
The Light Logic™ PLUS system from Unique offers a convenient way to automate your customers' low voltage lighting and other landscape features - all in an easy-to-install wireless system that integrates with wifi and a mobile app.
It can be used with existing landscape lighting systems just by replacing the timer with the light control module.
  • Create different ambiance/mood for different occasions
  • Automate outdoor living spaces - fountains, seasonal lighting and other elements
  • Easily retrofits into existing lighting installations
  • Uses a smart phone app for ultimate in control
Light Logic PLUS is the fastest growing landscape lighting automation system available.   Visit the website to learn more.    
Six Profit Leaks to Eliminate in Your Contracting Business
You work too hard to let your profits be list to mistakes, inaccuracies and neglect. Review these tips and be sure you're capturing every dollar you can!
  1. Improve your bidding accuracy. Don't leave money on the table by bidding projects using bad data. Update your charts to reflect rising costs for materials, labor, labor burden and overhead. Use an estimating checklist to avoid forgotten items.
  2. Stop trying to work too many projects at once. Many contractors fall into the trap of saying "yes" to every opportunity. Suddenly your schedule is stretched, you're paying lots of overtime and efficiencies go out the window. Manage your workflow so it's a level, sustainable pace.
  3. Turn off marketing when you have too many leads. It's expensive to generate sales leads with Google AdWords and other advertising. If you're getting too many leads and not following up on them immediately, you're wasting money. A general rule of thumb: the first contractor on-site to give a quote has the best shot at the work. If you can't keep up with quotes, put ads on hold.
  4. If your gut tells you it will be a problem project, don't take it. Your experience and intuition mean a lot. If the project seems risky or if the customer seems flaky, go somewhere else. Keep a written list of criteria you use to determine the best customers - the ones who seek your professional advice, don't ask for price cuts, and who pay on time. When a customer doesn't fit, don't take the job.
  5. Stop doing work for free. Avoid being the "nice guy" who forgets to write down and bill for all of the extras you do for clients. Those extra trips to the site, change orders and freebies add up to additional hours and costs for materials that can really be a drag on your bottom line.
  6. Fix quality problems that cause call-backs. Track warranty calls and causes so you can address field mistakes that lead to warranty work. Costly problems repeat when workers lack training or cut corners. Track down and eliminate root causes.
Watch for the new Weld-On ECO Series of ultra low VOC solvent cements and primers at our stores.  
This new formulation of your favorite Weld-On cements will be phased into all of our locations over this season.   The ECO Series' unique, proprietary formula achieves the same bond strength in plastic pipe joints as Weld-On's current cements but with 30% lower solvent emissions and odor.  
The lower rate of solvent emissions and reduced odorous fumes from the ECO Series contributes not only to a better environment but also to improved working conditions for your crew.
Need to work around bad or broken field wires without digging up an entire landscape?  Now you can control 2 valves with only one good wire pair with Add-A-Zone.
Exclusive features:
  • Both valves connected to Add-A-Zone are independently timed and controlled.
  • The two valves can be set to separate watering schedules and programs in the controller.
  • No disruption of the landscape to repair problems.
Solve these problems:
  • Divide existing zones stations with a new valve to correct pressure problems.   Permits the addition of an additional valve to systems that have an open station on the controller. 
  • Work around broken field wires and maintain full system functionality.

Drip Tip: Match Lateral Line Spacing to Your Soil Type
Dripline system design follows many of the same rules as spray and rotor design.  Similar design  factors must be considered, such as point of connection, static and operating pressures, flow rates, plant material and soil type.  
When properly designed and installed a drip system will deliver an even wetting pattern throughout  the planting zone. There are four factors to consider to create an even wetting pattern: 1) Soil type (clay, loam, sand); 2) Emitter flow rate; 3) Emitter spacing; 4) Lateral spacing (between the rows)  
Identifying the soil type will help you determine the emitter flow rate and spacing, and lateral spacing. 
If you are not quite sure of the soil type,  here is  a simple test you can use by squeezing the soil in your hand:
  • Clay - When clay soil is dry it forms hard clumps and when damp it is flexible and can be molded into shapes.
  • Loam -  A moderate sand or dirt and very little clay. When  loam  soil  is dry  it  breaks  easily  and when it's wet it forms a lump.
  • Sand -  Soil particles are loose, sandy grains. When sandy soil is dry it will fall apart when you open your hand and when it's damp it will form a lump but it will crumble easily when touched. 
40 Years of Leadership: Christy's Red Hot Blue Glue
For over 40 years, professional contractors have relied on Christy's Red Hot Blue Glue to make strong, permanent joints for PVC pressure and drain lines. 

We are proud to offer this industry-leading product to our customers.

Wet or dry, rain or shine, no other PVC solvent cement works as well across all weather conditions. Plus it works fast to allow you to quickly pressurize and test new installations and repairs.  

Learn how to use Red Hot Blue Glue to "bond for life" in this informative video.