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Fellowship Square’s CEO
Participates on Affordable Housing Panel
Christy Zeitz, Fellowship Square’s CEO, recently participated on a live panel discussion that explored the challenges and solutions for providing affordable living options for older adults. Organized by Steve Gurney of Positive Aging Sourcebook, distinguished panelists included: 

  • Christy Zeitz of Fellowship Square Foundation 
  • Larry Rouvelas of Integracare 
  • Cissy Nickel of Hunters Woods at Trails Edge 
  • Linda Couch of LeadingAge

Todd M. Turner
Todd Turner head shot
Council Member Todd M. Turner represents District 4 on the Prince Georges County Council in Maryland. He is a member of several different committees and boards, some of which include the General Assembly Committee and the Public Safety and Fiscal Management Committee. He has also been the Chair of the Transportation, Housing and the Environment Committee from 2016-18 and the Rules and General Assembly Committee in 2018.
meals in to-go containers
We are proud to have Councilman Turner as a Largo Landing Fellowship House (LLFH) community partner. His office, in coordination with the Prince George’s Department of Family Services, has organized the 'Grab and Go' Senior Meals program, and invited the residents of LLFH to participate.  Each month, for many months now, the LLFH staff has picked up Grab and Go Senior Meals to share with the LLFH residents.  These free pre-packaged, ready-to-cook meals have been an important supplemental food. We greatly appreciate all the help that Councilman Turner has given to Fellowship Square!
We're Open!
Fellowship Square is pleased to announce that as of July 1, 2021,
all Fellowship Square communities have fully 'reopened!'
Our pre-COVID-19 in-person activities and programs have resumed
and residents are back to enjoying life.

* Please Note: Fellowship Square is continuously monitoring the latest news
from the CDC and other state and local health authorities, and
will follow all guidance for mask wearing and in-person gatherings.
woman standing behind a table facing people in seats
Lake Ridge
Fellowship House

Residents at Lake Ridge Fellowship House enjoy the Rise and Shine exercise class. At the end of every class, Service Coordinator Nicole Harrison teaches the residents healthy eating habits. 
people sitting in chairs in meeting room with a bunch of balloons in foreground
woman wearing visor decorated with a face
Lake Anne Fellowship House

At the Lake Anne Fellowship House, we held several events to educate residents of the importance of UV awareness during the summer months.  Several residents participated in crafting their own hat to wear outside to protect them from the sun. 
people standing behind table of art supplies and foam visors
woman standing in front of a table of food
Largo Landing Fellowship House

Largo Landing Fellowship House residents reflect in spiritual wellness programs lead by Minster Wanda Elliott
women sitting at tables in meeting room
Hunters Woods Fellowship House

Hunters Woods Fellowship House residents participated in music classes in the month of June. Music therapy has been shown to help people enhance memory, improve communication, and promote physical and mental rehabilitation. Residents enjoyed musical lessons from professional Hand Bell and Ukulele instructors. 
Hand bells and sheet music on a table one man's handing holding a bell
Summer Fun!
Independence Day and Summer Celebrations!

Yummy food, friendly fellowship and festive fun were on the menu as residents at each of the four Fellowship House locations celebrated summer holidays with cook outs and special treats provided by the Management staff.  Staff and residents alike enjoyed the opportunity to get together this month, now that many of the COVID-19 precautions have been lifted.  
people at buffet table
HWFH residents picking up hot dogs, burgers and sides during the Independence Day cook-out.
people eating at a table with a blue cloth
HWFH residents toast to the United States of America.
people eating together at 2 tables
LRFH residents enjoying their Independence Day celebration.
2 people dressed in patriotic clothes one man with an uncle sam hat
Georgene C. and Charlie F. show off their patriotic attire at LRFH.
Woman standing with walker holding a statue of liberty crown
Leigh A. at LRFH enjoys a moment in the photo booth.
three women standing with arms around each other
LLFH resident  Geraldine S., Community Manager Loretta Latham and LLFH resident Frances D. strike a pose during the LLFH celebration.
people at buffet table
LAFH residents were treated to fries and watermelon on National French Fry Day, July 13, 2021.
Assisting with Life's Changes
Last month, I received a breaking news alert that the FDA had approved a new drug to fight Alzheimer’s Disease – the first one in more than 18 years. At first, I saw this as a major step forward. But I also learned that there is controversy around the effectiveness of this new drug - some scientists resigned their position in opposition to the drug’s approval.

While a new drug like this gives hope to many seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s, there are many other challenges that seniors face that have little or no relief or solution.

Fellowship Square is an independent living community. However, some of our residents rely on home health aides to assist them with daily living activities such as eating, bathing, getting dressed and using the restroom. According to the US Dept of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), a person remains eligible to live at Fellowship House so long as they have the assistance they need. We have many residents who would benefit from a higher-level care facility, such as an assisted living environment. Whether due to cost barriers or a denial of their situation, both residents and their families are usually not ready to take that next step.

I am hopeful that that the medical community will continue to make advances to help with the challenges that come with the aging process. At the same time, we need more affordable housing options for low-income folks who need additional assistance. It saddens me to see Fellowship House residents who would benefit from a higher level of care but given that there are few facilities available that take low-income seniors, the waiting lists are long. They languish in independent living communities like Fellowship Square where they cannot fully participate or benefit from activities and programs we offer. It is a vicious cycle for them.

We strive to provide the most support we can – and meet the needs and requests of those who are active and independent, as well as those who struggle with mobility or have other health-related challenges. We rely on our compassionate staff, generous donors, and people like you to help make a difference in our residents’ lives. It means so much to them – and we are grateful for all you do for us. 

In gratitude,
Christy Zeitz
Small Splash, Big Waves
woman lifting a large box of bread
What drives people to volunteer?  What drives someone to donate their time to help others? According to Stacey Buttel from Indeed.com, people volunteer for a variety of reasons such as increasing social skills, improving self-esteem or for a sense of fulfillment. For some, like Fellowship Square volunteer Ric F., it is a calling to serve. Ric F. has also worked with organizations that served disabled veterans and abused women. For Ric, his faith is the reason why he volunteers. “I guess it goes into my very simple theology that I believe that God loves all of us very much and that all He asks is that we love Him in return and this is a chance for me to show that love. It’s in response to His warmth that I have to act accordingly and try to reach out to others that are in need.” 

Like Ric F., Jill Weisman volunteers with Fellowship Square because it is a great way to help others. Jill Weisman is an engineer and avid biker who has done bike tours all over the world. She has been volunteering with Hunters Woods Fellowship House since late 2019. For Jill Weisman, her passion for helping provide food to those who need it is her driving motivation. 

“One of my goals is to volunteer to help people that need food and are going hungry or (are) at that poverty line. This (volunteer opportunity) in particular helped me because you’re interacting with the residents; It’s not just packing up the food and then you don’t get to interact and see the people that actually need the help.”

For others like Melvin A., it is a way to productively pass the time. Melvin A. lives at Largo Landing Fellowship House and has been volunteering there to assist his fellow residents for three years. “I just thought I would help somebody in case when I got to be a senior, somebody would help me. Plus, it’s something to do,” he said.

Regardless of the reasons one chooses to give their time, volunteers like Ric F., Jill Weisman, and Melvin A. have helped Fellowship Square seniors enjoy an improved quality of life. As Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” 

by Matthew Abbott, Volunteer Coordination Intern
Welcome to Fellowship Square's
Newest Intern
headshot of intern
Max Norcross
Marketing Intern

Max Norcross is a recent Graduate of Herndon High School in Herndon, Virginia. He grew interested in Fellowship Square thanks to his mother, Jill, who works in the field of affordable housing. Like his mother, Max also supports the mission and values of Fellowship Square and plans to continue to advocate for underserved seniors even after he completes his internship with the organization. He plans to attend the University of Pittsburgh this coming August where he will study Business Administration.

Max looks forward to meeting and assisting residents at the Fellowship Square houses and is beyond excited to work with Fellowship Square’s staff in support of its mission.  He feels that a marketing internship such as this one will give him the tools he will need to work hard for the benefit of others in his future.
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