A summer of Love For A New Generation
The Traveler's Well Astrology
June 2016
Dear Friends,
June 20 marks the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere and t he chart for the Summer Solstice sets an energy that will color the 3 months ahead until we reach the Fall Equinox.

This chart is all about love and clarifying your path to contentment!   

To all those in the southern hemisphere, we send the warmth of our sunshine!

Also, included is a Full Moon Meditation focused on calming the mind. 
Thank you again for sharing this journey with us! 

Blessings and peace,

Wolfram and Sappho
The Traveler's Well Astrology   

Summer Solstice 2016
The Summer Solstice is finally upon us. Here in Europe, we had touches of wonderful Springtime weather in early February and then mid-April, but then we pretty much have been dreary and cool and rainy ever since. This gets the bodily systems confused, but like the loud clap of hands releasing energy from a room, we will have 80 degrees and sunshine this week!

We send the warmth of the North to those in the Southern hemisphere!

The Summer Sun Accompanied by Venus

The days are long when the Sun enters Cancer and we hope you have a bright and sunny June 20 to enjoy this the longest day!

This year, the Sun enters the sign of Cancer on the Solstice accompanied by Venus!  Such a lovely companionship this is.  Sandro Botticelli's Birth of Venus rushes to the forefront: grace, warmth, comfort, beauty and, most importantly, LOVE!


Let your love shine is a great mantra for the Summer of 2016!  There has been a lot of heavy news of late. When we hear heavy news, we should wrap this knowing in light, fill it with love and hand it off to Spirit to God to Brahma to the Universe (as you wish).  Send love back into the vast ocean that nurtures the universe with this intentional action and continue to walk in the light and love. This Summer is an excellent time to establish this helpful habit and to see only light and to share only love!

During this time use your inner willpower and focus to share your light and love with the world!  With so much negativity, we must remember that our goal in life is to uncover our inner light so that we share our love fully with the world. We might only be one drop, but every drop of light in the vast ocean does makes a gigantic difference.

The Sun accompanied by Venus will help us to do this:  Let your love shine!

Venus reminds the Sun that beauty and comfort are important. Venus and the Sun are in the sign of Caner, which rules our home.  Bring beauty and comfort into your world by energizing your home in some way. Maybe this is as simple as fresh flowers or as complex as a vibrant new color of paint on the wall!   Or, since Venus also rules relationships, share beauty with your community in some way, for example, by leaving behind a flower or poem for all to admire and be reminded of love.

Allow yourself the time and space to soak in the warmth and feel comfort and peace of the Sun that will allow you to shine all the brighter!  Be present and remember that the present moment is the only moment we can actually influence.  Let your love shine!

The best way to shine and to share our light with the world is by first loving ourselves fully and completely. Self-love honors the light within so that love can be shared with the world. This is an excellent time to listen to videos affirming self-love and establishing leadership in the thought patterns that strengthen self-love! 

Use this energy to send beauty and the power of love into the world!  Let your love shine! 
Jupiter Conjunct The North Node

On this Summer Solstice, Jupiter is also guiding us toward our future by providing the inner guidance that will allow us to understand our highest potential better.  Jupiter is conjunct the North Node, which represents our dharma in life, our highest potential.

Dharma is the path one takes in life to embrace their highest potential.

This energy of envisioning your path to dharma more clearly is supported by the love and light of the Sun and Venus. The self-love we are honing is necessary for us to walk the path of dharma.

What is your highest potential? We often think this is complex and demanding and something we can never fully grasp or define, when in actuality, we embrace our Dharma when we are living our life with harmony in accordance with the natural laws of the universe.  We embrace our Dharma when we surrender to love and share this love with the world. That is the essence of Dharma!

Beyond this, for each individual birth chart, the characteristics of your North Node will color and influence and further define your Dharma and the gifts you are meant to share with the world. For some it might be in sharing words, for others it might be in sharing leadership skills, for others it might be in sharing healing, for others it might be in sharing art, for others it might be in sharing conflict resolution, for others it might be in gardening and sharing fruits of the earth. 

Let your Dharma flow like the meandering stream!

Be inspired by Jupiter's visions and consider your future from the perspective of your most core values in life, which are ruled by Venus and the sign of Taurus.  What brings you essential comfort in life and are you walking a path that will bring this into your world. In German, there is a lovely word: zufriedenheit. It is used a lot here in everyday conversation. It means contentment.

If you are feeling pressures, remember that love is not a burden to carry.   Walk that path that leads to contentment. This path is not a complicated path, but one that we can easily follow when we embrace our core values in life. Beyond our core values and contentment, all further considerations become very clear life choices because we are grounded in knowing our most essential needs.

Summer Solstice & The Full Moon

The Summer Solstice is also accompanied by a Full Moon.  Full Moons bring awareness into our world.  Since the moon will be full just prior to the Summer Solstice, we bring this emotional awareness of our world into the season ahead.  This will help us to be grounded in our knowing.

Typically, there are only three full moons from the Spring Equinox to the Summer Solstice. However, this year, there are 4 and that is very unique.

A full moon energizing the Summer Solstice has not occurred since 1967, which was known as the Summer of Love.

We can call this the
Summer of Love for a new generation!


Photos From Our Bavarian Adventures
As we shared last month, we are needing to search for a new home in Bavaria because our landlord needs to use our apartment for a family member.  Here are some photos of us in Bad Reichenhall, which is the city we hope to live in.

Bad Reichenhall

Bad Reichenhall

Bad Reichenhall

Bad Reichenhall

Bad Reichenhall

Bad Reichenhall

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Full Moon Meditation

This month's Full Moon on June 20 is the third in a series of meditations focusing on the fundamental aspects of meditation related to the signs of the zodiac:  body (Taurus), breath (Gemini), mind (Gemini), emotion (Cancer) and ego (Leo).

This meditation focuses on calming the mind, which is ruled by Gemini and relates to the position of the Sun in Gemini during this Full Moon.  By calming the mind, we further still the body and access deeper levels of our being.

In May 2016, the Sun was also in Gemini for the Full Moon. 

You can listen to the meditation on our website:  Full Moon Meditation Page.


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