June 20, 2021
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Celestial Greetings!

It's summertime - finally! For those of you who love the laid-back season of vacations, that's good news. For anyone who hates heat, here it comes, bringing storms and fires. In these days of global warming, it seems each summer is hotter than the last. That could be the case again this year as we slug through extraordinary hardships, courtesy of Uranus and Saturn's battle.
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What are the planets up to?

Uranus is in a tug o' war with Saturn, which is in a sign ruled by Uranus. You can guess which one has the upper hand.
Saturn Square Uranus

Arguably the most important astrological phenomenon in 2021 is the clash between Saturn and Uranus, two planets whose influences couldn’t be more different. Saturn is all about the “tried and true,” well-established patterns, rules and a desire for order and predictability. Uranus is the planet of breaking away from old ways, striking a new tone, doing things differently and finding one’s unique path. It’s anything but predictable and usually signals a surprise or upset. These two “square off” in the 90-degree relationship called a square three times. The first was February 17; the second, June 14; and the final time comes December 24. Since both move slowly through the zodiac, they remain approximately square for quite some time. For instance, allowing a 2-degree variance from the exact 90 degrees (a range which is likely to produce noticeable effects), they are in this aspect from May 14 to July 7, including at the summer solstice. The same two-degree proximity was in effect from January 28 through March 20, thus at the spring equinox, and again December 7 to January 9, 2022. They are very close to an exact square at the winter solstice. When an aspect is in effect at the start of the season, it throws its weight throughout the season. This means we have three seasons of trying to keep order amidst shifting conditions and make sense of sometimes crazy circumstances. The USA birthday is in the Saturn-Uranus-square time range and comes only a day after Mars is square Uranus, a very volatile combination to propel forward for the country’s next year. It’s safe to assume our great political divisions will continue and with them, the threat of rebellion and perhaps even violence. On a personal level, it’s a good period to challenge yourself to let go of old habits and build greater autonomy or enhanced authenticity.

If you are looking at your chart to see what might be affected, the degrees of these squares are 7º in February, 13º in June and  11º in December, with Uranus moving through Taurus and Saturn through Aquarius, which is the sign ruled by Uranus. For Saturn’s entire time in Aquarius (12/17/20 - 3/7/23), the desire to conform is dropping by the wayside. We’re more open to risks and experimentation. The humanitarian instincts indicated by Aquarius and Uranus look to find manifestation via Saturn’s building processes. Uranus wants change fast, like lightning striking, but Saturn always takes its time.

June 14 is Donald Trump’s birthday. With the Saturn-Uranus square exact then, his upcoming year has a high probability of presenting extraordinary tests. (Uranus is associated with whatever is out of the ordinary and Saturn is the planet of tests and reality checks.) He is fading somewhat from prominence, no longer at the center of attention every news cycle. This is to be expected with transiting Neptune (a planet of obscurity) square his Sun (the main indicator of admiration) over the next year or so.

Summer Solstice

The official start of summer occurs when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer. This year, that’s on June 20 at 11:32 PM EDT. Checking the chart for that time, the Moon is in Scorpio at 9 degrees, about three degrees from a square to Saturn and four degrees from an opposition to Uranus, forming a T-square with our main challenge. This ups the ante for the square’s powerful punch for the summer season. All three signs involved are in the “fixed” mode, promoting a digging in of heels and resistance to changes and revisions, even though Scorpio is said to be a sign of transformation and evolution. Speed is not in its nature. Mars, the planet of alacrity, occupies the fourth fixed sign, Leo, another hint that movement will be deliberate and slow, and usually motivated by self-interest. It’s early in the sign (at almost 6 degrees) and not quite in position to turn the T-square into a Grand Cross, the most difficult of interplanetary patterns. By the Fourth of July, it’s in the thick of things, forming a T-square with the Saturn-Uranus square, and the Moon is in Taurus then, a little more than two degrees past Uranus. As the ruler of Cancer, the Moon is the “ruling planet” for the USA’s Cancer Sun and whatever it’s involved in holds extra importance. Taurus as the Moon’s sign should help to stabilize feelings during the summer but it's subject to the turbulence of the Saturn-Uranus square. Taurus is a sign related to monetary matters; expect market ups and downs, which respond to emotions.

The planets are spaced out around the zodiac circle with no two pairing up. That’s rather rare, and it doesn’t help us join energies together. However, there are some team-ups with minor heavenly bodies. The dwarf planet Ceres close to Uranus sparks some unusual forms of nurturance. The asteroid Pallas near Neptune lobbies for blending wisdom with compassion or psychic impressions. 

Mercury is retrograde at the solstice, bringing minds and conversations back to prior topics. In Gemini, the focus is on commerce, transportation and communication. Although Mercury returns to forward motion on June 22, it has the “hangover effect” for the season from its condition at the solstice.

Venus is in Cancer and although not near the Sun by zodiac degree, they are nearly equally above the celestial equator in a condition called “parallel” that acts similar to a conjunction (coming together) in the joining of their energies. This adds to the pleasure Americans will have returning to a more normal social life this summer. In addition, Venus is a helpful third of the sky away (“trine”) from Neptune, fostering strong sympathy as well as enjoyment of the arts and spirituality. The Moon and Jupiter (in Pisces) are also “parallel,” adding exaggerated depth to the Scorpio Moon’s emotions. Perhaps, though, it will help us to laugh at ourselves and not take the current craziness of life too seriously.


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