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Summer Solstice 2017

The most amazing experience...
Hello Dolfriends!

I have had an extraordinary few months and had to share this most incredible experience I had on the boat the other day. If I were going to title the experience to catalog it in my memory banks, I'd call it Herman Sends a Sign

You see, my friend Herman DeBoer bid farewell to us last month and I can definitely feel a hole in my heart where the fantastic  Dutch Merchant Marine Engineer and Spiritual Seeker once was. Now, Herman has shown me that he is actually everywhere, all at once, and is really never farther from my heart

Sometimes you meet a soul that sparks a remembrance somewhere deep. We were friends immediately. Charismatic would be a good description for Herman. A seeker always, never getting enough of the other side of this reality, he attended all metaphysical gatherings that he could find. Friends brought Herman into my life as I held gatherings for Full and New Moons as well as Solstices and Equinoxes to honor the phases of our Mother the Earth. Our friendship grew and it was a feeling of mutual admiration for our love of the sea and her ships, as well as Mother Earth and Her Oceans.

The Captain in me was fascinated by Herman's ability as an engineer and designer of ships. Once he invited me to see his drawings and ship models he had created. I felt so honored to be able to see what came out of his mind. He always had a merry twinkle in his eye, such a pleasant demeanor, and was always a true gentleman.  
Those qualities made me seek him out.

Herman accompanied our mutual friend, Stephanie, to many many spiritual gatherings and we grew to know each other rather well. It was with great sorrow that I learned that our vibrant friend had furled his sails unexpectedly for the last time and his twinkle would not brighten my doorstep again.

Stephanie gifted me with a mission for Herman. I was to take a handful of his crystals and semi precious stones and gift them back to the earth. I had them on my boat for quite a while awaiting a sign that it was the right time to release them.

When I had an over the top spectacular interaction with a large gathering of the dolphin I play with daily, I knew the time was NOW. What stood out was the delight of so many at one time, trusting me as they rode right next to my 200 HP engine. Easily they rode and leaped and twirled for a full 5 minutes without stopping. I was laughing with delight as I was obviously going their way at just the right speed for play. However, we were getting to shallow water and I couldn't plow along at that speed any longer without hitting the bottom soon. It struck me then that this was the sign I had been waiting for, to release the stones, from Herman back to Mother Earth.

As I cast them in a large sweep way ahead of the dolphin, they all swam through them rather than avoiding them. My charter of a mom and her two young sons were astounded by what we saw and experienced, it was magical!

I bid you farewell Herman, as you sail to your unknown shore my friend. Thank you for sending your messengers, the dolphin, to remind me of your love of playing in the hands of Mother Ocean.

Herman DeBoer
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N avigation Charters

Would you like to learn the backcountry of Key West like the back of your hand? Are you new to the area or just want to learn how to navigate in the tropics? I am now offering specialized charters designed to teach you how to read the tides, the colors and know how to navigate in these tropical waters off the Florida Keys. 

Call (305) 304-7562 to book this charter or for more information

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Are you ready to create your own retreat or ideal boat day? Contact the Captain to dream awake your next adventure, healing session, or group/private retreat.

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Dolphin Discovery Adventure
with Missy Ostrishko and Capt. Victoria

Sept. 29- Oct. 1, 2017
Join us in this special opportunity to Co-Create a Dolphin Discovery Adventure. Ignite your energy, illuminate intuition and take inspired action toward living the life you desire and deserve. Customized on the spot, combining your unique experience with the wisdom of a Sea Priestess, the guidance of a life coach and the infinite wisdom of wildlife and nature off the coast of Key West.

$997 includes Friday night kick off with cocktails and visioning in preparation for two full days on the boat, exploring nature, interacting with dolphin, and investing in your most valuable resource, YOU! Leave with new insight, awareness, energy and structure for pursuing purpose and passion in your life.

For more information please contact Missy at 919-219-2666 or email or Victoria at 305-304-7562.
Reef Relief Update
As President Emeritus of Reef Relief, I want to invite you to tour Reef Relief's Environmental Center on your next visit to Key West's Historic Seaport. If you haven't visited before or stopped by in a while, do take a few minutes in the AC to cool down and learn about what is happening in the Florida Keys and on our reefs. The Center is closed during the summer when they host Coral Camp, but it is usually open Monday - Friday 10am to 4pm and admission is Free.