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Summer Solstice 2018

Prayers Do Get Answered

Erin at the helm with the Sadler's smiling and happy
News, news news! What's the news?
Erin Desmond, my media mate, is back from 5 years being away up north and ready to continue her training to become a Guide. Of course, this is an answer to my prayers!!

You cannot believe, oh yes you can, how delighted I am to have someone I call a "Daughter-in-Love", to spend my days on the water with. On Mother's Day it came to me that I have several Daughters-in-Love, as 5 of them called me and shared in our best water memories of each other.
In the past, many of you have experienced that from time to time I would have a "Media Mate," which was my way of taking a girlfriend out on the boat with me and asked them to take pictures of you folks having fun. Now I look forward to being the media mate, as Erin now sits in the Captain's seat, and I get to enjoy in the experience with you.
So, the other news is that through this experience with Erin, I am growing as a person as I relinquish CONTROL. That, as you know, is no small feat. I am observing so much about myself as I step back to allow her to lead, it's very good ego watching. One of the benefits is that I will be the one in the water getting exercise and wearing off the pounds I have put on in that
Capt. Victoria IN the water with a sea cucumber
seat, while she watches over all of us. I am really looking forward to this summer of playing with all of you as the mermaid that I am. I have missed being IN the water.
Tropical Alberto just moved through, so the first cleanup of storm debris has moved things around again. I remember summer storms with the green eerie light and all the negative ions in the air that made us so excited as mom sent us out to put all the lawn furniture and toys away. "Batten down the hatches mates," was what dad would call out.
The trees that had been killed by Irma and still lying about on the flats, were moved to new places. Mother Nature is always keeping me on my toes, literally to see what's in front of the boat now. More dead wood was cleared out and all of the new growth is really looking good after three weeks of rain. There is always a positive side to everything.
My Captain's license has also come up for renewal, and as I was looking back at all the sea time I have had just over the last five years, I've been contemplating all the fantastic retreats I've been on with you. Some have been completely in-the-moment magical. Some have manifested from our collective sharing of our dreams at the dock, some have been intentional journeys with crystals, mandalas and sound healing, and some were
Capt. Victoria and Missy
designed with a specific purpose. 

Missy Ostrishko has been doing just that for several years with me and it's a great working vacation for her. We have another one of her Amplify Energy retreats coming up on Oct 6-7 called FINDING YOUR PORPOISE
Check it out, there are still a few spots left: Retreat Info
This brings me to offer that if any of you would like to bring a boat full of friends (up to 6 adults) and create your own retreat with me, it would be such a treat to be part of your dream vacation. I have a retreat house available and a great gathering space. We could make it affordable to share your mission on the planet, as well as play with the dolphin. LET'S DO IT. What can you dream awake?
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Captain Turned Author
Some of you may have heard that the Aboriginal tribes of Australia have an oral history story that they are descendants of the Cetacean family. One story is how Kondili became a whale with a blow hole. They share stories of how humans learned the walkabout from their lizard and whale ancestors who created songlines, used like ley lines, to travel across the Australian outback. They also tell stories of head-to-head talk, or ESP, extra sensory perception, from their cetacean ancestors as well.
In my story, I believe that is what has been happening for me as I have been interacting with the same dolphin family for 43 years. Touching into my intuition. Communing on a different level with the dolphin. Listening deeply to their behavior, sound and movement has brought about a deep inner knowing of my own heart. Let me tell you what just happened
I feel like I have known for a long time that I am being used as a trained toy for the dolphin, "the kids," as I like to call them. For the last three weeks, rough water was all we have had with the storm Alberto moving through. It was overcast with an eerie dim light trying to break through the blanket of dull woolen clouds. The sea looked milky for days and then at once like someone had thrown oil on the surface to calm it down. This particular day, it was like glass. I could see dolphin at all points of the compass for quite a distance. My feeling was that they must be very hungry, imagine hunting for fish in 10-foot seas for several days. They were chasing the fish towards the boat where the school would freak out and head right back at the dolphin. They were using my boat in yet another ingenious way, as a blockade. Sometimes they would lift their heads out of the water with the flapping tail in their mouth just to show off that they got one. And what a show it was! Darting, diving, jumping, rolling all around us and in every direction.
That day was so flat calm and so quiet that their breaths were startlingly loud whether near or far. After a good while of watching them feed all around us, I felt it was time for us to go to a nearby reef and do some snorkeling and swimming ourselves. Quite often, when I honor their space while they are busy feeding and frolicking and just go away, I get rewarded in some way later. Like I said, they have trained me well.
When we returned later that day on our way back in, the dolphin were in a pod of 8 and came straight to the boat. The music I chose was C inema Themes by Itzhak Perlman, The Scent of A Woman, a tango. From my last newsletter, you know I am a dancer at heart, to all types of music, and truly love to tango. We all danced awhile. It was a perfect scene. They laid on their sides and gazed up at us. I would have thought that they would be tired from all that fishing, however, they are gravity free and dolphin after all. One youngster left mom and kept zooming close in and then moving out, back to mom and zooming in again. I said, "someone wants to play."
I walked towards the back of the boat and several swam to the stern and hung out there swimming in a weaving pattern like when they ride the wake. I felt my gut telling me their behavior was saying, "get going and give them a wake to ride." We call that intuition, but it feels like they are in my head talking directly to me. I show them a picture in my brain of what I
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think they want. It's like a hologram. I actually ask out loud if they want a ride and then they seem to show me by their motions if it is a yes. Sometimes, it is a clear no. I waited for them to get in front a bit, so I could develop a good curl in my wake and as I came by I asked, "surfs up anybody want a ride?" Like magic they came speeding up to the bow and slid back to catch the stern wake and we were off for a good long ride. Only 3 stayed with me so I made a wide circle to take them back to their friends and lo and behold the others joined in the fun for another long run. What a joy to give and receive in this way with one of Mother Nature's most beloved creatures. These are the days that make my heart sing and dance.
Charter Highlight
Erin putting the lower unit back together

Navigation Charters

I am so happy to welcome my favorite 1st mate back to the Imp II. Erin sure knows her way around a boat. She has taken me up on my offer to teach her the backcountry and guide her on navigation charters. Erin is going for her Captain's License and when she found out I was offering navigation charters, she jumped at the chance. I am so happy to have her aboard!

Call (305) 304-7562 to book this charter or for more information

Reef Relief Summer Program
Reef Relief: Coral Camp 2018

Coral Camp still has some spots open this summer. Don't delay. These fill up fast and are a great way to share the wonders of the Florida Keys waters with your family.  Imagine bringing the kids for more than just a day with me on the water. At Coral Camp, they will get a great hands-on educational experience and you get some adult vacation time too.

Click here for more info

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