Summer Solstice
Virtual Guided Meditation-Activation
Saturday, June 20 th

~ Stepping into a New Reality ~

Message ~
We hope and pray that you and your loved ones are flowing with grace and ease, while in and among all the challenges we’ve been faced with. I continue to pray for each one of you, and ask that you are held in the Angelic Arms of protection and safety.

It seems impossible that we are already ½ way through this year. We’ve all been scratching our heads wondering when we will see the greater light of this New Dawn, amidst the heaviness that seems to linger on forever. As we continue to Collectively do our part, we will see the Changes that we are Creating.  Our Hearts are wide open, and our voices are being spoken and the New Energy is beginning to Shift the old Paradigm that can longer exist.

As we lift ourselves up from fallen days of past, we shall RISE. And as we are Risen, we begin the next Wave of New Energy , supported by the Summer Solstice that will help us in our continual journey home. This journey we are traveling is a long road…but, we’ve got this and we’ve come this far not to see it all the way through. The Light of the Universe is an infinite and powerful Energy, that will always get us through any challenges that are set before us, the Key is Trust …. trust that everything happens for a reason. From a universal perspective, we will begin to see symmetry, movement and balance, unity, growth and development, greater choices, equality, healings and happiness, as we are Stepping into a New Reality . When we focus on the Heart Center, love begins to stream an internal frequency that wells-up from within. This Love is Ever-Present and all forgiving, that outwardly sends a pure and radiating light to all those before thee. 

It’s easy to get pulled away and apart from the Heart Center at times, although the more we immerse ourselves into the dreams and desires of Stepping into a New Reality , we have the ability to abundantly Create our New Earth. We are in Constant Connection with the Universe whether we know it or not, and we have great abilities to Apply ourselves with the wealth of its Sacred Knowledge and Wisdom, given to us as Tools, Teachings and to remember our Truths .  Whatever Challenges one may be going through, using your own intuition will help Create a Choice to Change and Re-arrange any hardships or conflicts. As we are Stepping into a New Reality , we are Strong, we are Hopeful, and we are Co-Collectively going to Rise above and fill the world with greater Peace, for Peace truly does begin with You. 

So…. we can begin to relax and re-assess all that we’ve been through, and be reminded that we are Creating a Brand-New Infrastructure that is beyond something we have ever seen before. So, hang in there, and help us continue to Co-Create the breaking down of the Old Paradigm, because as you know it…. we are Stepping into a New Reality , and You’ve decided to cross the Golden Threshold of Truth , for Truth will set us Free. 

Love and Motherly Blessings to thee.  
Mary Martin

Virtual Guided Meditation-Activation ~
There is a lot of struggle going on, trying to discern what Reality one is living in. We’ve all been in very complex and diverse Realities over eons of time. There are so many levels, dimensions and existences, that it can become very confusing at times.  

Are you Stepping into a New Reality that can Enhance and Increase your life without any more discord or conflict? Where are you, where have you been, where do you want to go, what fuels you, what depletes you, are you ready to become Balanced and in the Equality of all life, or is there still a fight of dis-harmonic energy that continues to dim your light, creating Shadows that pass through you day and night?   

We are in the Dawn of a New Era that we have all been waiting for. A gift from the Universe is upon us and we are here, Willing and Ready to Receive.  We have to let go of the restraints holding us back , and learn to Trust that everything is going to be ok!! Remember…. Faith over Fear !

Begin Stepping into a New Reality as the Summer Solstice Activates us with New Energy that can guide us forward, without looking back. As the whole world emerges into this New Reality , we will learn to be more flexible and adaptable during these Constant Changes, which will in turn help us to Flow with greater Ease and Energy. 

Remember…whatever or however you give your energy, is the Reality you are Stepping into. So please be a Positive and Pleasant Person , that lives from the Discernment of the Divine, filling and fueling your Spine with the Living Light Seeds of the Summer Solstice to Support you during these Shifts. You are So Loved.  
This Summer Solstice is an Invitation into a New Beginning by Stepping into a New Reality with Excitement and Joy. Take these Seeds of Summer and Spread Love, by being the Power of Love. The Universe is showing us that this Summer Solstice is a Map to the Meridians of our Living Embodiment's. We are given this time to Re-calibrate, Re-set and Re-remember Who We Really Are. All of this knowing lives deep within, so please begin to accept this Divine Application as you are already Stepping into a New Reality , that you’ve agreed to honor, treasure and Live in and among. 

During this Virtual Guided Meditation-Activation , we will be risen into higher planes of our living existences, to untwist from anything that has held us back. We will be shown Divine Images of our New Reality , and asked to Step inwardly to accept these loving, kind and peaceful collective-codes that will be shared for our personal and co-collective use.

As Stewards of Earth continue their Journey of Enlightenment, the Souls-Spirit begins to discern their greater Path, Purpose and Placement among this earth's Process.  June 20 th is another Shift to Service Us that will Support all of humanity. It will help us to Excel our Energy into an Experience of Balance. On this Date, there will be many Soul Groups gathered in Celebration, who will position themselves with the Great Central Sun to an Exact Alignment of the New Energy that will be bestowed upon us. As Earth Keepers receive, they shall immediately in return Give it back to our New Earth , opening New Gates in the Fate of Stepping into a New Reality , a Realm of Love and Light.

And So, it is. 
What:          Virtual Guided Meditation-Activation
(Registrants will receive a pre-recorded Audio Message)

When:        Saturday, June 20 th

Time:          7:00 p.m. PST
( OR ) whenever you are able to attend. ***Please do not let TIME inhibit you from Receiving. 
Where:       In the Privacy of Your Own Personal Space

Cost:          Donation (Thank you)
***Donation can also be made from Venmo or Zelle, please contact me for payment links. Thank you.
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Mary Martin Medium

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