The Spirited Woman
SUMMER SOLSTICE is such a great time to launch summer and to read on a beach hammock or at a retreat. On our Summer Solstice Top 12 Book Pick list, we've included an array of gifted authors to help you be uplifted. We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.
A CHANCE TO SAY GOODBYE: REFLECTIONS ON LOSING A PARENT- Lisa J. Shultz. Embracing a challenging and often avoided topic of facing the end-of-life stage of a loved one. With courage, vulnerability and love, the author recounts her dad's storied life, including its difficult ending. She strives to help others find a more peaceful final chapter of life. Amazon

IT MAY BE SIMPLE, BUT IT ISN'T EASY - An evocative, eye-opening, enthralling memoir of one midlife woman's profound spiritual awakening, recounted after 25 years. Together with her wise, compassionate spirit guides, the author inspires readers to learn more about themselves and their relationship to the spiritual world through love, forgiveness, transformation, conscious creation and, above all, grace. Amazon

NOAH'S WIFE - From the perspective of a young girl with Aspergers Syndrome, in a time of challenge to the goddess' ancient ways, this is the story of Noah's wife. Na'amah wishes only to be a shepherdess - a desire shattered by the hatred of her powerful brother, the love of two men, and a catastrophe only she knows is coming. Amazon.

FEARLESS CHOICES - When did you make a fearless choice that changed your life? Barbara Krauss asked this question to women all over the world. Their stories - told in own
raw, heartfelt voices - are partnered with Krauss' own reflections to create a dance of honest discovery. Back and forth, the stories and reflections move across the pages in a tenacious tango. .
LIFE HAPPENS - When Life does what It does - do something back. You empower yourself with your choices. You can transform yourself by how your relate to your circumstances. You are that powerful. In this award-winning book, you'll discover powerful, practical tools to become resilient, creative and responsive so you can meet life on its terms-and win! Amazon.


LIVE LIFE COLOURFULLY - Imagine if we could shift our negative thoughts to the positive and heal using one color at a time? With the 7 colors of the rainbow and the 7 chakras centers, you can! Enjoy Angela Dacey's easy, colorful book to learn how to combat fear, overcome expectations, conquer judgment, release guilt, stop excuses and surrender to the divine.
SOUL PURPOSE - "The woman that you are today is different than who you were just one year ago. As we evolve so does our desire to create a legacy. Soul Purpose is a spiritual calling. This book takes you through a tale of charity that is filled with miracles, compassion, and transformation. You see, everything comes back to the heart." Facebook.

MEENA: A Fiery Story of a Heroine's Initiation, Reclaiming Her Authentic Sexual Nature and Her Relationship With the Great Mother - by Mary Lane. An archetypal journey contrasting ancient feminine wisdom in relationship with the natural world with the heartaches of navigating modern society, as Meena heals her sacred soul connection on this wild ride that we all share!, Amazon.

TALES OF A BULIMIC BABE - by Iris Ruth Pastor isn't just a story of battling bulimia. Iris zeroes-in on self-worth tied to the scale, guilt after over-indulging, failed diets and too tight jeans. Iris triumphs by using her talents and resources to become the best she can be. You can, too, after reading this whimsical, humorous, upbeat tale.

AUTHORPRENEUR: HOW TO BUILD AN EMPIRE AND BECOME THE AUTHOR-ITY IN YOUR BUSINESS - by publisher and author coach, Shanda Trofe, not only walks you through the process of writing and publishing a high-quality book as the foundation for your business, but also explores strategic ways to monetize your message as a speaker, coach and/or teacher through companion products and services., Amazon.
GEMS TECHNIQUE: CONNECTING WITH YOUR INNER GUIDANCE - Gifted channeler and teacher, Alyne Jacobs, lays out clear, easy, step-by-step instructions and practices for developing your inner guidance "muscle" and abilities. Enhance and empower your life by experiencing your truth. Tap into your own power, wisdom and ability to create the life you desire because all the answers are within you. Amazon.

CHOOSING ENERGY THERAPY: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO HEALING OPTIONS FOR PEOPLE AND ANIMALS - Wanda Buckner. Energy medicine supports you and the animals you love to heal emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Wanda shares the concepts behind energy medicine, people and animal experiences, and criteria for selecting a practitioner. Questions throughout invite you to examine your beliefs about energy healing.

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