The Spirited Woman
SUMMER SOLSTICE is a magical time of the year to read and be inspired by a new book. On our Summer Solstice Top 12 Book Pick list, we've included an array of authors to help you be uplifted. We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.
AGELESS & SEXY: THE MAGIC OF LOVE - GETTING COMFORTABLE WITH UNCERTAINTY - The second book in Sheila Pearl's "Ageless & Sexy" series has received advance praise from such notables as Arielle Ford who calls her a "wise and courageous love warrior." Readers describe her book as "brave" and "compassionate" claiming it has changed the way they view life's challenges. Amazon.

SOUL-ILOQUY: A NOVEL OF HEALING, SOUL CONNECTION & PASSION - cleverly blends spirituality and romance in a heart-warming, inspirational story. Join Lily's journey of self-discovery as she learns to connect to her soul, heal her past and make life-changing decisions. Can she find the courage to go against what is expected of her, to live as her soul truly desires? www.Soul-iloquyBook.comAmazon
THE WARRIOR TEENAGER, LET GO OF SELF-SABOTAGE & EMBRACE YOUR TRUE POWER - Author Mary Lynne Fernandez masterfully touches the reader's soul through her expressive style, vivid metaphors, and painted imagery. A life guide with practical tools for both young people and parents to navigate life's challenges, overcome personal struggles, and find purpose in the world.  Amazon.

BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED AND SHINE! - A #1 Amazon Bestseller, complied by Rebecca Hall Gruyter.  This powerful heart-centered anthology includes over 25 authors committed to helping you discover how to bloom and SHINE in your life no matter what.  It includes authentic and personal journeys, self-help tips, and inspiring messages that help you overcome challenges, bloom and SHINE! Amazon.

TRAVELS WITH THE DOGGIE LAMA - A dog can irrevocably change your heart and your life. Grab the leash with author Lily Tanzer as a very special dog pulls her and her readers on a wild ride through laughter, drama and an unexpected dip into the cosmos. Tanzer's memoir speaks to the bond between human and canine, soulmate and soulmate. Amazon.
FALLEN - by Claire Perkins. When Alora falls from the Dreaming Tree into a watery dreamscape, she must choose between drifting along at the mercy of the elements or diving deep to reclaim her true power. Flooded with fear and grief, but buoyed by unexpected guides, Alora journeys toward remembering who she really is and why she chose to fall. Amazon.

SPIRITUAL VERSE TODAY GOD'S LIGHT VOLUME 1 - is the first book in the three-part inspirational Spiritual Verse Today series from Award-Winning, #1 Best-Selling author Sharon CassanoLochman. There are many battlefields in life. Release your burdens-whatever they may be. Find forgiveness for the past, peace in the moment, and hope for the future. Amazon.
6 THINGS NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT WRITING A BOOK - Susan Baracco takes a fun, candid look at the detours on a book journey to help you avoid them and inspire you to share your story. Packed with actionable tips and resources, this guide helps the woman author reach your destination of finally writing your book. Amazon.


RETURNING SOULS - fiction by Ernestine B. Colombo. Take a journey of Pre-Incarnation as a near-death experience thrusts Evie's soul back into her life as a young shaman living at the dawn of humanity, then into limbo where trusted Guardians help Evie reconcile her present-day struggles with self-worth, family, and loss to empower her to make the ultimate choice. Amazon

THE BUSINESS OF BEING: SOUL PURPOSE IN AND OUT OF THE WORKPLACE - Award-winning author, Laurie Buchanan, focuses on purposeful living. A Board-Certified holistic health practitioner and life coach, her upcoming book maps personal transformation at the intersection of business and spirituality and teaches how to enhance "profitability" -body, mind, and spirit. Live your best life - always. Amazon.

THE BILLIONAIRE: THE CONTINUUM - At the edge of death, what is waiting for us? Life on fast forward? Light at the end of the tunnel? What is life review? "The Billionaire" is a novel mixed with big questions about power, corruption, greed, love, sacrifice, evil vs. good, human trafficking, and of course, the afterlife!

ESSENTIAL RETIREMENT PLANNING FOR SOLO AGERS - American Baby Boomers are aging and fifteen million of them never had children. Who will take care of them? Urging the solo ager to plan for the future as though their life and well-being depended on it, this passionate book by author Sara Geber, includes choices in housing, relationships, legal arrangements, finances and more. Amazon.

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