The Spirited Woman
SUMMER SOLSTICE is a time to reflect and transform. It is also a time of enlightened energy. Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with experts, products and services who will help you on a deeper, soul level. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save this list all year round, too! A great resource tool for you.
ALYNE JACOBS - Channeler & Intuitive Healer with over 10 years of experience helping clients connect to their authentic self. As a transformational Body Whisperer, your body has a wealth of knowledge which I tap into guiding you to clarity and answers. I look at your life to help you clear and release blocks for everlasting change. Are you ready for answers?

ANGELA DACEY'S MISSION IS TO LIVE LIFE COLOURFULLY™ - As an expert in Personal Development and Colour Therapy for over 21 years, Angela will help you to understand how to Detox Your Thoughts™ and feelings using color as your tool for success with this 7 week online course. Your journey of self-discovery will be insightful, fun and colorful.  
CARELL MEHL, CREATOR OF THE ASSERTIVENESS MASTERY PROGRAM - a spiritual way to hold your own with challenging colleagues, superiors and personal relationships that makes you feel intimidated or uncomfortable in a stressful work or home environment. It is designed to alleviate stress, depression and anxiety so you can have a flourishing lifestyle and satisfying career.
ALISSA OKRENT - is a Soul Management Expert who is passionate about supporting and teaching strategies to women who want to experience confidence and acceptance of their gifts and talents with compassion and non-judgment. Trust - Explore - Transform is her mantra. Alissa works with her clients through group workshops and one-on-one by leveraging her intuitive skills to help empower their decision-making abilities.
EMMA KUPU MITCHELL - is a gifted intuitive healer, and FULL sensory soul guide -with over 25 years assisting clients back to their wholeness. She explores all your senses using sound, color, light, breath and scent. She offers one on one sessions, workshops and online retreats to clients all over the world.

ANI EUSTICE is owner of Omkari Angel and PositiviChi - A Reiki Master/educator, healer, Angel Intuitive and public speaker, Ani has helped hundreds connect to their angels and change their lives for the better. Ani is currently in the process of publishing her new book which demonstrates how we all can have access to our angels. Find her at Facebook-Omkariangel.

MONICA BENNETT - Dr. Monica is an energy coach and Naturopath. She was born to parents who were both holocaust survivors, which led to a childhood filled with uncertainty and fear. Monica was always drawn to nature to heal the mind, body and spirit. So after years of working with plants she applies these healing principles in her coaching techniques.

LYNETTE FIORONI - is a Therapeutic yoga instructor and a certified holistic health coach. She herself suffered a nearly fatal cerebral hemorrhage and was told in no uncertain terms that she would never see again or live a normal life. She healed herself from that using the principles she now uses in her own healing practice with clients. Free 30 minute consultation. 248-390-8153.

LAURINE PISARRI - is a gifted spiritual woman who accesses the Akashic Records. A gentle, loving person with a pure heart, she shares this beautiful and sacred wisdom in her fun and down-to-earth way. A session with Laurine will leave you with a heart full of understanding and encouragement. You'll learn the answers to questions you've had your entire life.

ALLISON LOUCKS OF CREATE EXTRAORDINARY RELATIONSHIPS - coaches divorced women how to end conflict with their Ex and move on to have the life they want for their family. Her groundbreaking program, From Insanity to Freedom, Transforming Your Relationship with Your Ex is a paradigm shift for life after divorce. Her free gift, Civil Conversations, is available at:

SHAMANIC PRACTITIONERS TERI WILLIAMS AND LORI LIPTEN - have been sharing shamanic journey and meditation practices for years. The I Meditation Project collaboration provides collections of their guided meditations, recorded in the first person to support others in thriving throughout all areas of life, creating a deeper meditative practice and an improved sense of overall well-being. Find out more at
REV. SUSAN RICHARDSON, LMT, BSW of MAINE SACRED PRACTICES - offers therapeutic massage and bodywork and is an energy medicine practitioner, instructor, facilitator, and holistic practitioner. She also leads earth-based practices and fire ceremonies and performs an array of rites and rituals that focus on honoring and giving gratitude. Additionally, she offers sacred retreats and workshops.

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