The Spirited Woman
SUMMER SOLSTICE launches the summer with a big metaphysical bang. Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with experts, products and services who will help you during this time of movement and change. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save this list all year round, too! A great resource tool for you.
NICOLE LANNI - Founder of Feeling Groovy Wellness and Co-Founder of Feeling Groovy at Eagle Creek Ranch. Nicole is a NLP Master Trainer, Master Hypnotherapist, Success Coach and Reiki Master. At Feeling Groovy Wellness we combine health and happiness in a fun holistic wellness center which provides many natural services under one roof including a natural cafe.

UNFOLD YOUR FINANCIAL POTENTIAL ONE BRAVE FEATHER AT A TIME - Devoted to raising a money-smart daughter as a stay-at-home single Mom, Marlene Elizabeth founded MONEYWINGS™ Financial Self-Care Workshops for Women. As an author, speaker, mamapreneur and Certified Money Coach®, Marlene empowers women to kindle their confidence in their relationship to money, and ultimately in themselves. Learn more at
ELIZABETH COPLAN promotes the concept: Out of Grief Comes Art. Founder of Grief Dialogues, an artistic movement created to start new conversations about dying, death & grief; she is also Co-Creator of Grief Dialogues: The Play. Elizabeth believes grief often shares a space in our lives that needs filling. Through theatre, storytelling, music, visual art, and film, we give that grief a voice.  

MIA SAENZ - is a Love Alchemist, Activist and a Visionary.  She is the founder of Love Mastery and Spiritual Elite.  Her work on Love changes the energy of one's story, and grows the Emotional Intelligent level.  Love is the foundation to all of life's questions.  She is a Metaphysical Practitioner and a master healer of energy and transformation. Founder and EIC of BellaMia magazine.

READY FOR LASTING PAIN RELIEF? Release stuck patterns of old traumas, subconscious thoughts, limiting beliefs, and bad habits that hold emotional and physical pain in your body. Get a DISCOUNTED Introductory 60-minute Deep Dive Virtual Coaching Session from anywhere in the world with Laya Raznick, Life Coach, Acupuncturist, and Massage Therapist for over 35 years. Register here:
FEMININE ASTROLOGY - For 45 years, sisters Sharon Russell and Dixie Gladstone have worked together teaching women astrology, doing readings and updating astrology to include the Divine Feminine. Sharon water-colored all 12 zodiac images as women. Dixie writes their website,, with an emphasis on evolutionary cycles of the Moon and Venus in order to assist every woman on her life's path. 

BARBARA L CUMMINGS, MS, RN - is a mentor, meditator, and mindfulness trainer. I help "Midway" women who want a sassy, healthy, and meaningful life. It's time for a "life by design, not by default." I offer support in finding more connection in our lives with conversation, classes, retreats, meditation guidance, and weekly inspiration.

LINDA PATTEN - FOUNDER OF DARE 2 LEAD - a Leadership Expert who believes that an extraordinary leader lies within EVERY WOMAN! She helps women tap into their leadership power, translate their business vision into reality, and grow their idea for change into a world-level movement. Ask Linda about her popular radio show, training programs, and upcoming Leadership Bootcamp: [email protected].
CINDY GILES - is a Transformational Life Coach, Shaman, Speaker and Author. Cindy supports women that are stuck in cement shoes and have an inner and outer committee that sabotages their happiness and success. If you are ready to live BIG, BOLD and OUT LOUD and shine so bright you need to wear sunglasses, reach out to Cindy at
DENISE BARRAGAN - is a Femininity Coach and President of the Santa Clara chapter of Holistic Chamber of Commerce. She helps women get reconnected with their divine feminine self and she does this by helping women get reacquainted with their amazing sexual power so they too can live a richer, fuller and pleasurable life.  How connected are you with your feminine self?

DAMSEL IS DEFENSE - is a direct sales company on a mission to equip, empower and educate women to protect themselves and their families through non-lethal means.I have been a Sergeant in a volunteer program at a local Police Department for more than 10 years. I'm passionate about educating, equipping, and empowering with strategies and products to protect and defend.

MAUREEN METCALF, FOUNDER, CEO, AND BOARD CHAIR OF METCALF & ASSOCIATES - is a sought-after expert in anticipating and leveraging future business trends. As a preeminent change agent, Maureen has set strategic direction for client organizations to deliver significant results. For years, she has shared her hard-won insights - through university teaching, conference speaking, industry publications, radio talk shows and video presentations.

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