The Spirited Woman
SUMMER SOLSTICE is all about transition. On our Summer Solstice Top 12 Book Pick list, we've featured an array of authors who will inspire and transport you to a new place. We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list year round! A great resource for you.
HEAL YOUR SELF WITH JOURNALING POWER - Discover the life-changing magic of journaling through moving personal stories told by just some of the thousands of people who have tapped into the proven therapeutic power of expressive writing. And learn from them how to use Journaling Power to heal the issues in your tissues and grow and transform your Self. Amazon.

RIDING RAW - Sue Hollis lived in the fast lane - juggling a high powered career, being a supermom, ticking off goals, pushing boundaries, and striving for perfection in everything. But she was empty. To heal, she decided to ride 11,000 miles solo through North America on her superbike. Riding Raw is the journey to reclaim her life...her journey from empty to full. Amazon.

BROKEN OPEN - is about having your heart shattered, cracked open to its core. You can let your pain drown you, or you can choose to awaken to the life ahead of you - a life full of purpose, happiness, freedom, and endless love. The wounds in the battles of love are the most profound tools for healing we will ever receive. Amazon.


MYSTIC TEA - A community of endearing women struggle to find purpose on a ramshackle monastery in upstate NY. Having spent their lives in service to a church that no longer serves them, they set upon a tempestuous journey to redefine themselves. This is a story of female empowerment that will make you smile as much as it will make you think. Amazon.

7 LESSONS AT 70 - Perhaps you've climbed the career ladder and are wondering what's next. Or you have parents or friends facing retirement - questioning what life holds for them. If either fits, then this short, candid, inspiring book is a must read. Wine industry pioneer Susan Sokol Blosser tackles what it means to grow old with insight and compassion. Amazon.

POWER PLACES SERIES BOX SET: BOOKS 1-3 - She's from a family of ancient mystics. He's a spiritual archaeologist. This legendary couple chase Illuminati masters and Egyptian gods across the world's power spots and through time to avert disaster. If you like action-packed plots, ancient mythology, and magical artifacts, read the first three books in the visionary fiction Power Places Series.   Amazon.
IVA MAE: THE BOOK OF MOM - offers a glimpse into America's rural past and chronicles the struggles and triumphs of a woman who did not let fear stop her from discovering what life had to offer. Known for her cooking, love of holidays, and adventurous, ready-to-go spirit, Iva Mae lived her ninety-one years to the fullest. This is her story. Amazon.

THE LIFE THAT SITS BESIDE YOU - On a day in 1954, in Brooklyn, five babies are born. This is the story of how their lives become interwoven, revealing each person's unique path. Through their romantic relationships, devotion to family, and steadfast friendship, courageous acts are portrayed, as they mature during a time of shifting aspirations for women. Amazon
FROM LIVING ROOM TO BOARDROOM: HOW I LAUNCHED AND SOLD A MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS - Corinne McCormack utilized her severance to launch her business from her apartment, becoming the first designer to create sexy reading glasses. She shares her story with honesty, humor and insight. Her "25 Seeds of Success" illuminate lessons for anyone running a business. Amazon

THE MINDFULNESS-BASED EATING SOLUTION - Named one of the top ten mindfulness books of 2016, this classic book is based on Dr. Lynn Rossy's ten-week mindful eating program taught to thousands of people worldwide. Learn how to eat when you're physically hungry and to satisfy other hungers in ways that create a healthy body, happy heart, and meaningful life. Amazon

CONFESSIONS OF A RECOVERING HELPAHOLIC - by Margery Miller walks you through 12 Steps on how to stop helping others more than you help yourself.  Honest, humorous and very open, Margery's guidance leads you on a journey of discovery, showing you patterns of self-sabotage so you can create a more fulfilling life that truly works for you. Amazon

OUR CHOICE EXTINCTION OR EVOLUTION - Humans are great at making short-term, self-interested choices. We're less skilled at making long-term decisions with the greater good in mind. This isn't just an interesting quirk - it's a fundamental flaw that threatens our existence. Research analyst Richard Spitzer and economic astrologer Linda Schurman apply their disciplines to the question of humanity's continued existence. Amazon.
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