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  Summer Solstice 2016
The Gift of Presence
High on Life? I AM!!!!!! I swear to you the dolphin have been charging me up. I have always known that they were zapping me when I put my hands in the water when they are under the boat, I could feel it. My intention is to send them healing light that comes through me from above. I can't be sure this healing is happening, but it is my intention anyway. Well lo and behold after 40 years of being with them and doing this I think they have super charged me! One thing is for sure, I can't be away from them for long before I need another dose, so to speak.
Daytona Beach dawn
What a great Spring!!!! I sure hope it was great where you live also. I visited a lot of where you folks live as we were on adventure # 3 away from the dolphin and I found it awesome up north at this time of year. Yes we were high in the mountains each time, twice to Long Island and once to Michigan. It's all about being "High On LIFE!" The colors of spring were such a treat.
Hiking Big Ivy in Pisgah National Forest
I apologize to those of you I disappointed by not being in Key West when you were here. Art and I have replaced "dreaming of adventure" with "making memories of our adventures". Just like on the water, Mother Nature is in charge and she never ceases to amaze me. She talks, I listen and make decisions based on what she is dictating. She sure got our attention with tropical storm Bonnie so we made the decision to stay in the mountains and away from the coast. We traded body surfing with friends on Hilton Head Island with retreating at Mountain Light Sanctuary north of Asheville, North Carolina.
St. Brigit's well
Our whole trip was a following of Divine Guidance. Reconnecting with a friend from the early 90's, we saw family living their dream along the way home and reconnected in ways of the heart, and the best was Art and I took a retreat at Elf Haven Lodge.  Now doesn't that sound right for an IMPish woman who plays with dolphin every day? Talk about "High on Life", I was actually dizzy there with the vibration of the place. Though we sorely missed our sand castle friends, the Creator saw fit to reunite me with 5 friends from my days of networking the light in other countries and gifted me the present of presence.
I think the dolphin had something to do with all that synchronicity and fun. It is my wish that you will be Divinely Guided to return to play with us once again so you can get zapped and turn it up a notch too!
~ Captain turned Author ~
The Dolphin introduced her baby to me. A story of trust.
On a frequent basis the dolphin have been a part of my charter days in the backcountry. I would say "I am a wilderness guide" when asked what kind of charter I was. I have retained that descriptor as in later years, "eco-tour guide" has become used by so many and so loosely. I think of the wildlife refuges as the tropical wilderness which are the islands you can't drive a car to. I also think the dolphin have gifted me our close relationship because I am not taking folks to be just with them at their playgrounds. I honor all of the wilderness out there and I think they like that and have given their seal of approval.
I had started chartering March 17th, Saint Patrick's Day, in 1976 so this was only 2 years later that they swam with me. It had been my intention right from the beginning to specialize in children and families who wanted their children to learn marine science while on vacation. I was born in Key West and was privileged to have my childhood years here as well and have been home since 1973 when I bought my big sister's old boat right away. Being out in the back country on the islands exploring and being with the bird life while I was getting my marine science degree was routine. The dolphin were in their feeding grounds, which I now call their "food court", and here I would come again and again. No one else was around except the spongers poling their boats or flats guides poling theirs, it was very quiet back then.
When one of the female dolphin had a new baby, she would bring the little one to be introduced to me. I remember one chilly day in February that was not my idea of fun to be going in the cold (by Key West standards) water, but she was rather insistent. I stood on the dive platform and said "no I am not coming in the water you will have to do it from here". As she chattered at me, I relented and went down the ladder to my waist. She chattered louder and the baby was right beside her and the nannies or aunties were close by too. This was in the 80's and I had 2 ladies on the charter encouraging me down the ladder to put my heart in so the dolphin could sonar it. I went down the ladder to my shoulders and then capitulated and said, "okay, I am all yours", and dove to the bottom rolled over and laid there. The dolphin mom brought her baby right over my head and did her buzzing sound that is the best way I can describe it. "ZZRRRR ZZRRR", she said as her head was going up and down my body. I went back into to total recall of the first time this happened. I was showing deep trust and vulnerability by exposing my belly and laying as still as I could with small movements, called sculling in water ballet, to keep from rising. The baby now knew that I was to be trusted, which was what I got out of it.
Climbing out of the water I said to the ladies "I should be shivering and I am feeling a glowing warmth coming from my belly, this is crazy". The dolphin didn't leave and I just stood there not even reaching for a towel. My heart was radiating love for them, it was a repeat of what I felt on the bottom on that fateful day so long ago. No words were needed just the eye contact and astonishing feeling of love. I was so happy that I trusted my intuition and didn't wait for stuff like a mask, fins, weights or even a wet suit. I just got in and swam and danced with the dolphin with sheer abandon! When opportunity knocks, or ZZRRRRs, in life you just have to dive on in!
Upcoming retreats
Missy and me in NC!
Evening of Sept. 30th as well as two boat days Oct. 1st and 2nd, 2016. Whatever you are working on in your life as to purpose and mission, this is a good weekend to put a laser spotlight on it. We are not talking just light, but a very focused pin-pointed laser light to move you forward to your next step of manifesting in a big way. Missy moves you through your paces and gets you to see your life in a new way that moves you past the road blocks that life sends you. Come allow the Dolphin to zap you with their blessings on your focused path!! Read here for more info and to register.

Next Spring Equinox 2017 Fairie Elaine Silver, who sings with a Silver Stream of Consciousness, will be performing a concert called GODDESSES IN THE GROVE. Plan ahead to be sure and be here. That would be the weekend of March 18th and 19th so make your plans!!! I will let you know more as soon as we start cooking this one up but Elaine has already said she will come and sing to the trees.
Retreats and Private Charters
Video by Gary Sadler

Create your own personal private retreat with the dolphin and Captain Victoria or register for one of our many retreats. You can choose from the cornucopia of offerings or think up your best ingredients for the day of your dreams with the dolphin, the wonders of the Keys and the Seapriestess herself. 
My lifelong playground
Key West for Children of All Ages:
 I thought you all might like to know about some of my favorite things to do in and around Key West so I am sharing them, hope you like them. Please share your favorite excursions with me if you would and maybe some pictures too, I might learn something new from you!
Here is what's happening...
Click the icon for their most recent newsletter and their latest blog post is so full of information,  I just had to share the good news and progress made on the FL Clean Water Declaration and what Reef Relief has accomplished!  

Registration is open and only a few spots are left. Click the link to Coral Camp at Reef Relief so you don't miss this incredible learning and connecting opportunity for your 6-12 year old. Coral Camp is a week of engagement for your child to grow into an adult who cherishes our ocean and inhabitants. Each day is packed with fun field trips and hands-on learning to deepen their experience. This camp is not to be missed and easy to incorporate into your summer travel plans.
Here is a link to the video they  put together of some coral campers.