The Spirited Woman
SUMMER is a magical time of the year to travel, go on a retreat and be inspired by a new book. On our Summer Top 12 Book Pick list, we've included an array of authors to help you be uplifted. We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.
SHE HAS RISEN: RESURRECT YOUR DIVINE FEMININE WISDOM AND CELEBRATE YOUR MIRACULOUS GIRLY BITS - by award-winning author, Tanya Sood, helps women understand their values, quiet their minds, set intentions and heal mother wounds. Part theologian, part comedienne, Sood inspires us to overcome fear, love and accept ourselves, laugh harder, give back, assemble a vivacious sisterhood and ultimately own it, Sistas! www.tanyasood.comAmazon.

EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY! - If you are seeking a robust pathway for growth, trust, and expansion in your life, Catherine's story and revelatory insights are sure to inspire you. Her remarkable personal journey proves that, no matter where you are in your life or what you've been through, you can believe: Everything is going to be okay. Amazon.
DEATH ON THE STRIP - by Joan Peck, author of Death Card Series. Rosalie Bennett writes a column on What's Hip in Vegas. To make extra money she uses her psychic ability and tarot cards to predict the future for her clients. But when the death card shows up and murders follow, she must use her talents in a whole new way. Amazon.

CHANGE MAKER, HOW MY BROTHER'S DEATH WOKE UP MY LIFE - Written by occupational therapist Rebecca Austill-Clausen, Rebecca discovers she can communicate with her brother after he dies. A world she never imagined opens up - even as she doubts her sanity. Each award-winning chapter explores spiritual beliefs and provides resources and encouragement for readers wishing to pursue their own journey. Amazon.

DARE TO BE THE CHANGE - Author Annella Metoyer courageously shares the details of her life's challenges, her family's dedication to positive change as well as offers hope for readers through her struggles and accomplishments. Starting with the integration of her small town public school, she encounters a life-changing experience that sets her on a path of "being the change." Amazon.
FROM FRANTIC TO FOCUSED - Beth Caldwell's successful image never revealed what went on behind the scenes and how her choices led to a serious illness which required drastic lifestyle changes. In her refreshing book, she shares her personal story and 10 simple habits that any woman can incorporate immediately to shift a chaotic lifestyle into one that is focused and fun. Amazon.

HEART MIND BELLY, POINTS ON A MAP OF SELF-DISCOVERY - is a tour of how a word or story represent habitual feelings, thoughts, and actions. Awaken an energetic life. Ask the heart, mind, and belly to reveal their essence and gift a unique process to become whole, complete, and free. Courageously take a deep dive into renewed perceptions and uncharted possibilities. Amazon.
I AM AND THE SPIRIT WALKS WITH ME - In her Amazon #1 Bestseller book, Angelo Lowery shares a variety of examples that are real life-related events, and how each negative event created negative brain patterns - but can be transformed into positive brain patterns which create a healthier way of living and open spiritual pathways toward higher consciousness. Amazon.
BANGED-UP HEART - by Shirley Melis. A clear-eyed account of finding love late and losing it early.  More than a love story or a book of mourning, this memoir bears witness to the strength it takes to fall deeply in love a second time, to be forced to relinquish that too soon, yet . . . choose to love again. Amazon.

JOURNEY OF ANGELIC HEALING: STORIES TO FEED YOUR SOUL - An Award-Winning #1 Bestseller by Catherine Laub. Catherine is transparent about her healing journey and as an advocate for suicide prevention. You will learn how she empowers others to go forward in their struggles through her campaign "Brighten Your Day with Turquoise". Learn about spiritual guidance to motivate your confident journey.

THE POWER OF 1(0): A GUIDE TO LIVING THE TEN COMMANDMENTS AND THE GOLDEN RULE IN MODERN TIMES - by Denise Alexander Pyle. You'll discover that "keeping the Sabbath Holy," is really about providing mercy in the world -- and the decree against adultery is actually about keeping your commitments to yourself and others in all things. Amazon.

PROMOTION PROTOCOL: UNLOCK THE SECRETS TO PROMOTABILITY AND CAREER SUCCESS - Whether you are a solo-entrepreneur, in a partnership or work for a corporation, this book is for you. The coaching guide supports you to personalize your learning journey; create engaging experiences that ignite your passion; innovatively coach others to create your legacy; and collaboratively inspire others through artful communication. Amazon.


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