The Spirited Woman
SUMMER is a time of movement, adventures and growth. Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with women visionaries who will help to inspire you. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save this list! A great resource tool for you all year round.
NINA SIMONS - co-founder of Bioneer s, ignites and inspires leadership in every woman through workshops, books, media and conferences that encourage and redefine how we're each called to lead and serve social transformation at this pivotal moment. Explore the nexus of women, social and racial justice, indigeneity, nature, spirituality and the archetypal feminine. Visit her or Bioneers' website for renewal!

MONICA KENTON IS A SHAMAN, DREAM TEACHER AND SPIRITUAL GUIDE -  who helps purpose driven high achievers boldly and soulfully craft the life and business they REALLY want.  From mindset to journeys to your radiant double - fall in love with life again, develop rock solid confidence and trust your heart's guidance during this time of soulful re-invention.
KIM BOUDREAU SMITH IS AN ADVOCATE FOR WOMEN'S VOICES - a speaking/visibility coach, speaker, & #1 International best-selling author. Kim teaches women to step further into their bold voices, to strengthen their confidence, be heard and seen all on their terms. No more holding back and no more leaving opportunities on the table.  

INTENTIONAL LEADERS, BUSINESS COACHING & LEADERSHIP WITH HORSES - Founder Janice Drescher works with horses to help business owners, executives and work teams achieve profitable results in an environment of wellbeing. We build missing pieces to establish the consistency and quality companies wish to be known for. Our leadership and team building retreats with horses inspire healthy work relationships.
RUTHIE LANDIS - is a best-selling author, body-centered psychotherapist and life coach, hypnotherapist, Enneagram teacher, Award winning international workshop facilitator, Reiki master, artist, writer, actress, director, acting and public speaking coach. She also uses Nature, Ceremony, the Chinese Five Elements and interior design to aid people in life transitions, reclaiming Wholeness. She co-creates unique encounters of waking up, self-empowerment, and healing.
JULIE WOLK - BUSINESS COACH, COMMUNITY FACILITATOR & NATURE FREAK helps coaches, consultants and healers slow down and grow rooted, blossoming, burnout-free businesses modeled after the way nature works. She's a firm believer that if we step off the productivity hamster wheel and tune into nature's rhythms, we can grow more sustainable lives, businesses and even a better world. . 

STACY BROOKMAN IS A RESILIENCE AND LIFE STORYTELLING EXPERT - and produces the Emotional Abuse Recovery and Resilience Summit. She helps smart, outwardly-confident women who secretly have low self-esteem issues due to an emotionally abusive partner take back control and develop the resilience they need to be themselves again. She helps them write their tough life stories in her course Lifestory Laboratory.
JENNIFER SUNDEEN - is a spiritual teacher, writer, activist, community architect, nature lover, and mother. She has founded several organizations that support girls, women, spirituality and the earth including The Durga Studio, Durga's Red Tent, The Lalla Project, and The Harvard Farmer's Market. In 2010 she launched Goddess Pilgrimages, a global travel company for women dedicated to honoring the Divine Feminine.

ROSE HARROW, CERTIFIED MASTER BUSINESS COACH - mentors leaders, holistic practitioners, and other change-makers to make a better living while they make a better world. Creator of the "Authentic Marketing from the Heart" Program ™ Rose brings transformational sparkle to business development in group programs and private coaching. A passionate speaker, Rose inspires, while teaching grounded systems for real world results. 

JILL JARDINE, M.A. COUNSELING/PSYCHOLOGY, LIFE-LONG ASTROLOGER & PSYCHIC - has studied metaphysics and read astrological charts and tarot cards for 40 years.  She has provided Western astrology,  Intuitive, and Vedic readings with an accuracy and adeptness that continues to amaze her clients.   Jill is certified in several healing modalities, and is a Sanskrit Mantra instructor, and Kundalini Yoga teacher.
DEANNE GAUYA, HOLISTIC FITNESS COACH, STRESS REDUCTION EXPERT - and Amazon Best-selling Author & Speaker.  For 30+ years, she has remained on the 'cutting edge' of mind/body medicine and holistic fitness; successfully re-inventing her business several times.  DeAnne has helped 1,000s of clients across the country from Hollywood stars to The White House.

KAREN PERRY - is living proof that you absolutely can design your dream life from the inside out to create stress-free productivity, profitability and plenty of play! Karen loves igniting the inspired spark of possibility in others. As creator of Peace~Fully, Power~Fully, Play~Fully YOU Coaching, Karen holds A Space For Grace™ so that you love and live with ease and grace!


Every woman on this pick list has made a difference for women. If you would like to be featured or recommend another Spirited Woman for our next list, call Nancy @ 805-698-3555 or Our Top 12 Pick List logo is a symbol of recognition for inspiring and supporting other women.