Newsletter 6/18/19
Sandi Hillermann McDonald, president of Hillermann Nursery and Florist in Washington, Missouri
Dear Friends,

      Summer officially starts this coming Friday. We continue to offer summer color plants through the season. We are starting to offer a special savings sheet that will be included at the end of the newsletter below - and printed sheets will be available near the entrance of the Garden Center. Keep an eye out for these when you visit us.
      June is National Perennial month and we have had feature plants and specials each week. I hope you have been able to take advantage of some of those tried and true plants. Continue to look for these featured plants through June.
      This week – June 17-23 is National Pollinator Week. National Pollinator Week is a time to celebrate pollinators and spread the word about what you can do to protect them. Planting blooming annual and perennial plants is a good step to help our declining pollinators. There are also more ways you can help. Visit for articles and information.
Enjoy the season!
Hillermann Nursery and Florist ad for the 6-19-19 issue of the Washington Missourian
Blooming Perennial Plants
Perennial Maintenance Seminar
Saturday, June 22 at 10:00 am

      Learn techniques and tips on dividing and maintaining your perennial gardens. FREE class. Please call 636-239-6729 to RSVP.
Wine making bottle and a glass of wine
Wine Class with Harvey Jasper

Saturday, June 22
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
      Filter the wine. The class topic will be discussed, and a handout will be available. FREE class.
Saturday, June 29
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
      Bottling. The class topic will be discussed, and a handout will be available. FREE class.

Please call 636-239-6729 to sign up.
Beware! It's Mosquito Season!
By Bill Graham,
Article and Photo credit: Missouri Department of Conservation
St. Louis Water Gardening Society
Pond and Garden Tour
June 22 & 23, 9 am - 5 pm
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