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Winter is coming to an end and many of you are done for the season. But before you put your ski and snowboard gear away for the summer, here are a few tips that will help prolong the life of your gear.
  1. Make sure to buckle or lace your boots properly before storing for the summer. This helps the boots retain their shape. Then store them indoors standing on the soles. Put a plastic grocery bag loosely over your boots to keep out dust and allow for air circulation.
  2. Regular laundry detergent will harm your fabric and remove the waterproofing. Clean your jackets and pants with Nik-Wax cleaner before you store them.
  3. Rinse the foam in your goggles with cool water. The foam can absorb sweat which will have acid and deteriorate the foam liner.
  4. Never store your equipment in your bags. Bags offer no air circulation and can cause mildew to form on boot liners and get rusty edges on skis and boards.
  5. Store your equipment indoors under a bed or in an interior closet. NEVER store in the attic, garage, or unfinished basement.
  6. Last- prolong the life of your skis or snowboard by getting a end of season tune. See below.
Classic car owners never store their vehicles without a good cleaning. Just like a classic car owner, you should never put your skis or snowboard away for the summer without a good cleaning and tune. If you don't put away properly, your edges rust and the bases will dry out. One way to prevent this damage is to have your skis and snowboards tuned at the end of the season.

Here's what we do for your end of season tune.

  • We start with a base grind to remove excess dirt, grease, and salt.
  • Next we fill in any gouges.
  • Then we sharpen and bevel your edges to the proper skill level.
  • Then we stone grind your bases to get the factory structure.
  • We then base clean and hot wax.
  • A thin layer of wax will be left on to protect your edges from rusting and bases from drying out.
  • We then clean and visually check your bindings.
  • Best of all, your equipment is ready to go for next season!

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