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Chinch Bugs Are Here
The chinch bug feeds by biting grass leaves and draining the sap until the plant dies. You will see a color change from yellow, then to brown, and finally to grey, the latter means death for the plant. Chinch bugs will continue to move outward and destroy other plants as they move.  Lawns under stressful environments are more susceptible to chinch bug damage. Grass stress includes dull mower blades, poor soil, excessive rain, and drought. Thatch build-up also causes chinch bug infestation.  Thatch (an area between the base of the grass and the top of the soil which contain leaves that have not fully decayed) and other debris can accumulate in the soil over time. Compaction usually causes thatch.  Applying Love Your Soil will loosen the soil and help decrease the thatch layer.
How do I know if I have chinch bugs? Do the “coffee can test” to be sure. Remove both ends of a standard coffee can.  Insert one end of the can into the ground at the very edge of the damage. This leaves the “inside” of the can with a mostly damaged turf. Press the can two inches into the soil and leave about least four inches above the ground.  Fill the can with water and wait about five minutes.  If chinch bugs are present, then they will float to the surface of the water.  To treat, apply Grub and Insect Control and water in immediately. Another product to use is Organic Insect Control, but do not water in. Repeat this treatment one more time next year (in July) as a preventative.   

Fall Seeding
Fall is the best time to seed. Warm soil temperatures, ample amounts of rain fall, cool outside temperatures, and reduced pressure from germinating weeds causes great results. Please visit our Seeding Guide for directions.  Remember, a lawn is only as good as the seed it’s started from. Therefore, use Black Beauty grass seed mixtures because they are genetically superior to competitive mixes and have the following key attributes:
  • Roots that can grow up to 4’ deep for greater drought tolerance.
  • Waxy cuticle coating (similar to that found on an apple) which helps ward off many turf diseases and provides additional drought protection.
  • Vertical growth habit for a uniform, sod-like look.
  • Incredible dark-green color.
  • Endophyte-enhanced for natural insect resistance
  • Fast germination rate and establishment (within 10 to 14 days).
  • Grown by leading sod growers across the United States.

The Winner is...
Congratulations Kevin of NJ. Kevin is the winner of our  Show Us Your Lawn Contest  for the month of July. He will receive a $50 gift card to Schwering's Hardware, Palmyra, NJ where he purchases our products! 
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