Secular Pro-Life has celebrated numerous life-saving successes this summer!  In this e-newsletter, you can read all about our summer projects, and get a sneak peek at our plans for the coming months.

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The Secular Pro-Life team reaches expectant mothers at risk 
2000+ visitors in just four months

In April, we launched, an ambitious project documenting medical malpractice and health code violations at abortion centers across the country. In that short time, the site has received over 2000 visitors!

Even better, eight hundred of those visitors have come to us through our targeted advertising campaign. Whenever a person who lives in an area with a high concentration of abortion malpractice searches Google for terms like "abortion clinic," our ad appears. This allows us to reach those who are at the greatest risk for abortion and maternal injury. The average visitor to the site stays for nearly two minutes-- more than enough time for a person to read a malpractice summary and view the supporting documents for themselves.
We have no doubt that this program has changed minds and saved human lives. One click on our Google ad costs an average of $3.48. Will you sponsor a life-saving ad? 
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Outreach to pro-life youth leaders 
Secular Pro-Life representative meets with Students for Life leadership fellows

Last week, Students for Life of America welcomed its third class of Wilberforce Fellows. The year-long fellowship trains promising pro-life college, law, and medical students in leadership skills. The goal, of course, is to ensure that the next generation of pro-life leadership is up to the task. 


Is Abortion a Religious Issue? 
Get free literature from Secular Pro-Life

This summer, we have updated our library of downloadable publications.  Our latest, Is Abortion a Religious Issue?, was shared over 100 times on Facebook!  You can download this and other literature for free at  
In the pipeline... 
Fall and winter projects
  • A incredible new video that tackles the bodily autonomy argument for abortion
  • Translation of our publications into Spanish
  • Expansion of
  • Creation of a Secular Pro-Life podcast
  • Participation in the March for Life and Students for Life of America annual conference