Tech Travel Checklist & Tips
Hi! I hope you enjoyed a delightful Fourth of July celebration. If you're traveling this summer and plan on bringing your iPhone and/or iPad, I have created a Tech Travel Checklist to help you prepare for your trip.

Before You Travel

Gather Your Tech Devices & Accessories
  • What To Bring:
    • iPhone and/or iPad
    • A charging cable for each device
    • Your passwords. Bring any passwords you may need for accessing your accounts, downloading apps, etc. (i.e. Apple ID and Apple ID password). A piece of paper or small notebook stored in a safe place will work well, or if you prefer an app, try a password manager such as LastPass or 1Password.
    • Stylus
    • Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone/iPad
    • EarPods/headphones
    • Power bank, a portable charger for your device
    • iOS (iPhone/iPad) compatible flash drive for backing up photos and videos without requiring a WiFi connection (i.e. SanDisk iXpand)
    • International power adapter. To learn how to choose an adapter, click here to read REI's article.
Prepare Your Tech Devices & Accessories 
  • Fully charge iPhone/iPad, keyboard and power bank
  • If you plan on making calls while traveling internationally, contact your wireless carrier regarding an international cellular data plan to avoid overage charges. Keep in mind that you can call family and friends using FaceTime or the Skype app at no cost if your device is connected to WiFi.
  • If you don't plan on using cellular data while traveling internationally, turn on Airplane Mode in Settings before departing the United States and keep it on during your entire trip. Airplane Mode turns off all wireless connections including cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth. Once you arrive at a location with WiFi, turn on WiFi in Settings and connect to a local network.
  • To limit the apps that use cellular data when WiFi is not available, customize the Cellular feature. To learn more about data usage and data roaming while traveling, visit Apple's website here:
    • Tap the SETTINGS app
    • Tap CELLULAR
    • For USE CELLULAR DATA FOR, tap the slider next to each app name to turn on or off (green means the feature is ON)
  • If you plan on taking photos with your device, turn on geotagging to locate your photos by location and view them on a map. The geotagging feature automatically stores GPS coordinates within each image file.
    • Tap the SETTINGS app
    • Tap PRIVACY
    • Tap CAMERA
  • To locate, lock or erase your device if lost or stolen, turn on Find My iPhone (iPad):
    • Tap the SETTINGS app
    • Tap your name (top of Settings)
    • Tap iCLOUD
    • Tap FIND MY iPHONE (iPAD)
    • Tap the FIND MY iPHONE (iPAD) slider (green means the feature is ON)
  • Free up space on your device:
    • Delete apps you aren't using:
      • Tap the SETTINGS app
      • Tap GENERAL
      • Tap the app name, then tap DELETE APP
    • Permanently delete all photos within the Recently Deleted album in the Photos app:
      • Tap the PHOTOS app
      • Tap ALBUMS (at bottom)
      • Tap SELECT
      • Tap DELETE ALL
      • Tap DELETE # PHOTOS
    • If you use the iCloud Photo Library, select the option to Optimize iPhone (iPad) Storage:
      • Tap the SETTINGS app
      • Tap PHOTOS & CAMERA
  • Manually back up your device:
    Complete the backup of your device 1 to 2 days before leaving on your trip so there is enough time for your device to complete the backup.
    • Tap the SETTINGS app
    • Tap your name (top of Settings)
    • Tap iCLOUD
    • Confirm the iCLOUD BACKUP slider is ON (green means the feature is ON)
    • Tap BACK UP NOW
    • Once the backup has completed, the time of the Last Backup displays.
While You Travel  
  • Share your travel photos with family and friends using iCloud Photo Sharing. To learn how, view the notes in the Tech Tips section below.
  • When you have access to WiFi, manually back up your device to iCloud by following the steps above.
  • Create a secondary backup for your photos and videos by using an iOS compatible flash drive. I recommend saving digital data in at least two different places for peace of mind while traveling:
    • If you use iCloud Photo Library, your photos and videos will automatically upload to iCloud when connected to WiFi. If you won't have access to a strong WiFi connection while traveling, it is a good idea to create a secondary backup. To learn more about iCloud Photo Library, visit Apple's website here.
    • If you use Camera Roll, your photos and videos are only stored on your device, therefore it is a good idea to create a secondary backup.
Please forward this email to anyone you know who may find the tips helpful. Enjoy the summer & Happy Travels!

Share Your Travel Photos with Family & Friends

Before you leave on your trip, set up iCloud Photo Sharing and create a travel album:

Turn On iCloud Photo Sharing 
  • Tap the SETTINGS app
  • Tap the iCLOUD PHOTO SHARING slider (green means the feature is ON)
Set Up iCloud Photo Sharing & Create a Travel Album 
  • Tap the PHOTOS app
  • Tap SHARED
  • Tap START SHARING (displays if you just enabled iCloud Photo Sharing); otherwise tap the + (plus) icon
  • Type the Album Name, i.e. 2017 Smith Family Summer Travels
  • Tap NEXT
  • Type the person's email address or iMessage phone number, or tap (+) to select people from your Contacts
  • Repeat previous step to add additional people, invite up to 100
  • Tap CREATE
  • Notes: Your Family & Friends (Subscribers) will receive an invitation to either Accept or Decline. The empty travel album is saved in iCloud Photo Sharing and is ready for your photos and videos.
Share Your Travel Photos & Videos 
  • After taking one or more photos/videos, select the photo/video(s)
  • Tap the Share button
  • Type a comment/caption (optional)
  • Tap SHARED ALBUM to select the travel album
  • Tap iCloud to return to previous screen
  • Tap POST
  • Notes: The people you shared the album with are notified automatically and will be able to comment and save the photos to their tech devices. A shared album can hold up to 5,000 photos and videos. 
Share Travel Album with Family & Friends Who Don't Use Apple iCloud 
  • Follow the steps above to create the travel album on iCloud Photo Sharing
  • Tap the travel album
  • Tap PEOPLE
  • Tap the PUBLIC WEBSITE slider (green means the feature is ON)
  • Tap MAIL to send an email with the shared album link which can be viewed in a web browser
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