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Kinesis Teen Empower Program
For over two decades, there continues to be a slow but gradual decline in the importance of physical fitness in our schools and an increase in the amount of time our teens spend seated working or playing on the computer.  And as a result, our teens are displaying faster levels of weight gain, with 15.2% of teens overweight and 18.4% of teen in the obese category.  A sedentary lifestyle has also led to a rapid decrease in overall physical activity.  According to the CDC, an estimated 65% of teens do not meet the guidelines for physical fitness.  By not making physical fitness an integral part of a developing teen's life, we set them up for future self-esteem and negative body image issues, not to mention an earlier onset of weight-related health problems.
Our Kinesis Play Program solves this dilemma by integrating key resistance exercise "patterns" specifically designed to address all of the physical conditioning needs of a teenager.  Our Kinesis equipment allows full 3D movement using FullGravity technology.  Your teen is guided through 1-on-1 Kinesis exercise sessions by one of our certified Synergy Trainers for best results.  The Program helps your teen improve their metabolism, improve their strength, tone and shape their physique, lose weight, and improve their self-confidence.

Because summer can be a busy time for your teen, we are offering several options in the event they're not available to spend their entire summer with us.

Choose 1, 2 or all 3 Summer Sessions:
Summer Session 1:  June 20th - July 9th:  
1 session/week - $135 or 2 sessions/week - $258
Summer Session 2:  July 11th - July 30th: 
1 session/week - $135 or 2 sessions/week - $258
Summer Session 3:  August 1st - August 20th: 
1 session/week - $135 or 2 sessions/week - $258
Entire 3-Session Summer Package Special...
1 session/week - $375 or 2 sessions/week - $720

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