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2022: Summer Time Health
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Hello from warm, muggy New England. We’re deep in summer now, with tomatoes ripening on the vine and the return of chilly nights. Still enjoying seeing patients via telemedicine or at the clinic, writing, teaching, and helping roll out the new ND licensure in the state of Massachusetts.

These last weeks have been hard on many of us, with hot days and so little rain. Environmental stressors hit us where we are most vulnerable. Come in if you're looking for a new perspective on your health challenges...or if you want help with an ongoing chronic ailment...or to support your optimal immune function...or to help with energy, mental clarity, and mood...or come in for a pep talk—seems we all need a pep talk these days!

Here’s to a healthy, peaceful rest of summer and smooth transition to autumn.
Drs. Amy & Paul
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Your Microbiome is Your Best Friend
by Dr. Amy Rothenberg
When I have the chance to listen to a full orchestra, I appreciate the fact that there are so many musicians playing different instruments, bringing out particular notes at the right tempo, with precise rhythm and intensity, each doing their part to create a full, rich and multi-layered sound. I think about the human microbiome similarly. On an even grander scale, the microbiome is made up of trillions of bacteria, viruses, and fungi along with genetic materials, working together in a multi-layered way to promote health and well-being.

An optimally functioning microbiome supports effective digestion, sustains a responsive immune system, informs the maintenance of hormonal balance, impacts fertility for both men and women, and supports clear thinking and an even-tempered mood. The more it is studied, the more we understand that a well-orchestrated microbiome plays a substantial role in the prevention of both acute and chronic illness, and in fostering sound physical, cognitive and emotional health.

Easy Two Minute Salad
With all the encouragement to eat more veggies, I always set a goal for myself to eat ten veggies a day. One trick is to include a veggie or two with breakfast. I have entirely recategorized which foods go with which meals! Like this morning, I had scrambled eggs with spinach thrown in and leftover green beans from last night’s dinner.

I also get to that ten by eating one salad a day, where I can knock out 5-6-7 at a time. I love micro-greens, grown from any number of veggies, which are delicious, colorful, packed with nutrition and even easy to grow at home. For this salad, I put in a handful of pre-washed organic lettuce mix, cut a cuke, then sliced some slender purple carrots to show off their irises, and tossed some pine nuts on top. I drizzle with olive oil and lemon. Total time expenditure, right around two minutes.
Many of you know that we've been teaching homeopathy—one modality of natural medicine —for decades. Most of our students are physicians or other health care providers. But we hear from providers and patients alike that you'd love a more introductory course. So we created one to answer questions like: What is homeopathy? What are the basic tools used by the homeopathic provider? How can homeopathy be used in first aid and acute illnesses?

We are offering a fully online, 12 hour introductory course on the history, theory, and practice of homeopathy for those who would like to learn first-hand about this gentle approach to healing. On your own time, from the comfort of your home, we hope you'll join us! Details here to sign up! Classes start the first of each month. We look forward to learning with you!
(Here we are front of the Washington DC statue of the Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy.)

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