Hello Friends & Neighbors, 
Another month has come and gone!
Hope everyone is enjoying a sunny summer! 
From  new menu items, a new patio  and 
fun community events
... GUAPO's has loads 
to share and lots going on.  Read on! 

GUAPO's Food, Drinks & Daily Deals

This summer has been off to a
CRAZY start at GUAPO's! We've been super-busy creating new menu items, opening a new patio at our Orleans location and hosting parties left and right, including our mega Women's World Cup Watch Party that was featured on the front page of the Cape Cod Times! If you haven't been by yet, you're missing out on a WILD summer so far!

Our brand new SONORAN HOT DOG has been a huge hit since we added it to our menu! A 1/2 pound all-beef Pearl hot dog is covered with bacon, grilled onions, grilled corn, black beans, creamy jalapeƱo sauce, mustard and mayo. It's served up with a side of fries and it's FREAKIN' AWESOME! Available now at both locations!

We've brought the party to the parking lot in Orleans with our brand-spankin new PATIO! Sidle up to one of our orange topped tables and enjoy a FULL MENU and our SANDIA MARGARITA outdoors! It's made with house squeezed watermelon juice and our own handmade sour mix, and of course, TEQUILA!  Oh ya...we've also added CORN HOLE  with a custom set of boards from a local artist who's a friend of the restaurant! Ask us about her next time you're in. Cape Cod in the summer is great...but GUAPO's in the summer is even better!

GUAPO's Did You Know? 

We make almost everything from scratch ? There are no microwaves allowed on the premises, which means we have to make everything the HARD WAY! We use 40 cases of avocados per week to feed your guacamole addiction - that's 1,920 avocados between both restaurants! Since we ripen our avos in house, it takes our prep cooks three days to make them ready to be used in our guacamole, on our tacos and in our burritos. If you thought that was high, we use 2,500 guajillo peppers per week in our sauces. GUAPO's kitchens are a hot - and busy - place. 

We now have a JINGLE? Listen for our surf-rock tinged anthem on local Cape Cod radio stations and during Red Sox games all summer long. It'll be stuck in your head before you know it! Gotta go to GUAPO's yeah...

GUAPO's Community Engagement 

We've had a busy year with GUAPO's Gives! 
* 2015 has seen us host events for the Bayside Skippers, Project Graduation, the St Aubins Family, the Race for Rehab and more  at the restaurant over the last few months, seemingly one every week! We changed up our events to combine charity with FUN and the community has really responded (go you guys!). Coming up, we're participating in events such as Brewster Conservation Day, and supporting the Brewster Whitecaps this month.  Which leads us to...
* We're on pace to SMASH last year's fundraising total of $15,000, and it's not even September yet! It's amazing the power of changing the world one taco at a time!