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August 22, 2018
Campers Celebrate Israel each Shabbat.
The Israeli Staff.
Beautiful setting for Shabbat service



of leadership.

Miriam Pearlman

 Josh Weinberg.

ARZA Canada Board members join Camp George leaders. 
Miriam Pearlman, Rabbi Larry and Cheryl Englander with Camp George's Steve Greenwood.


Camp George Celebrate it's 20th Anniversary


As the Days of Awe (Yamim Noraim) approach, we turn to introspection, family and community. As passionate Canadian Jews and Reform Zionists who love Israel we have much to be grateful for but also much to be concerned about. 

I am grateful for the response from you, our progressive Zionist community, to my Call to Action regarding our objections to aspects of the Nation State Bill which is now a Basic Law. See CJN Article that for which ARZA CANADA was interviewed. We will continue to work in partnership with our friends and partners in Israel. With your support, together we serve as the voice of Canadian Reform Zionists.

I am grateful to URJ Camp George for providing a camping experience for our youth that lives our Reform values and our Zionist values. Their Community Leadership Day on August 11 was a celebration of Israel at 70. It was a joy to participate, to meet the Israelis working there and to welcome Rabbi Josh Weinberg, President of ARZA (US). 

But... I am concerned about the growing rift between the Jews of the diaspora and the State of Israel. While we look up to Israel, admire its astonishing achievements and view it as our second home, recent events in Israel are testing the democratic and egalitarian dimensions of the Jewish state. We must work together to change course and ensure that Israel will continue to be the Jewish democratic state it is meant to be.

Now more than ever, there is an urgent need to work for the soul of Israel, for a Jewish state that is a homeland for all Jews.
Now more than ever, maintaining membership in ARZA CANADA is not merely symbolic. Each membership amplifies our voice and influence both in Israel and in international Zionist meetings. The more members, the more votes. It helps you make a difference!

Please make sure that you have renewed your ARZA CANADA membership, either through your congregation or online at  You can also help by donating directly to the Israel Reform Movement (IMPJ).

We are delighted that we will again be welcoming leaders from the IMPJ to Canada during ARZA CANADA WEEK, November 16 to 24. Rabbi Myra Hovav, serving Ramot Shalom congregation in Be'er Sheva, and Reut Noyman, Acting Director of the IMPJ Education Department, will be our guests.

My warmest wishes for a sweet, healthy New Year and a year of peace.

L'shanah Tovah u'metuka

ARZA CANADA, President   

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Are Israeli and Diaspora Jews growing apart?

Jews in the Diaspora tend to take pride in Israel - her physical beauty, the people, and progress in so many fields.  But lately Israeli and Diaspora Jews aren't seeing eye-to-eye in areas such as the nation-state law and treatment of minorities, egalitarian prayer at the Kotel, the value of liberal Judaism in general, and the importance of Diaspora Jews to Israel.
Is there a growing divide between Israel and the Diaspora?  Many writers believe there is.
In this article, a former president of the Union of Reform Judaism provides the liberal Jewish criticism of Israel today, placing heavy responsibility on the current government for leading Israel down the wrong roads.
The President of the World Jewish Congress pointedly states that recent actions of Israel's government contradict the principles of Israel's founders and modern Judaism.
This Israeli writer is critical of Israelis in general, suggesting there's a lot Israelis could learn from North American Jews.

While this article argues that liberal Jews in the Diaspora could have an impact in Israel if the issues they champion aligned better with the concerns of Israeli liberals.

Writer Yossi Klein Halevi uses the Palestinian conflict to analyze the differing worldviews of Israelis and North Americans, and to explain why we struggle to understand each other.
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Peace Not Now

Yossi Klein Halevi also writes about the Palestinian conflict in his new book, "Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor".  The Reform Judaism web site interviewed him on his attempt to jumpstart dialogue about envisioning what could be.
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