Summer Fun is in Full Swing!

Have you ever thought about how each season has a mood and feeling?

Fall feels like a time for transition and preparation- getting ready for a new school year, planning for upcoming holidays and prepping for the winter.

Winter is a time to hunker down and be more dormant, to be quiet and still in mind and soul, and to get cozy.

Spring brings the mood of renewal, new beginnings, growth and birth.

And now here we are in Summer. For me, the mood of summer is joyful and light. It's a slower, more laid back, and relaxing time of year. The long sunny days are less chaotic without the busyness of school runs and homework. Warm evenings are spent on the front porch and walking around the neighborhood. And weekends are full of mountain hikes, backyard BBQ's and time spent by a pool or maybe a lake. What is your Summer mood? Will you take off on a summer vacation to a beach, hit a bucket list trip to Europe, or take a road trip to see family/friends? Will you plan to take a few days relaxing and exploring our own Rocky Mountains, camping or going on day hikes? Will you work on beautifying your yard? Maybe you'll hit the reservoirs for boating or SUPing? What are your plans to bring lightness, brightness and joy to the next few months? Can't wait to hear what you've been up to when you come for your next massage!

We're off to a fun start in the Rath home this summer. I've been enjoying my beautiful flowers, walks (or pulls as they should be called) with Corey and the dogs, relaxed days and warm evenings. We just got back from a much-needed vacation to Mexico. It was so nice to kick back and soak up the sun and time with my family. Corey and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary while we were there. As the school year came to a close, Cade finished up his first season of high school baseball and went straight into a skills camp with the school, He's been spending lots of time at the gym and working to improve his speed and techniques. Ethan is home after his first year of college and is enjoying having his own room for awhile, loving the home cooked meals, and working at Corey's office in a job that relates to his future career. Summer life is fun and joyful here and I hope it is for you as well!
We enjoyed a hot but lovely week in Riviera Maya Mexico. Sun, beach, pool time, reading and relaxing!
High school baseball season ended, but this kid is just getting started.
With the current covid positivity rate sitting around 11% right now, I've decided to
continue to require mask wearing for both myself and clients while clients are laying face up. I feel this is the best way to keep us all comfortable, safe and healthy. Thank you for your understanding!

Hope you are having a fun, healthy and safe summer!

Bryn Rath, CMT