While all internships were virtual, some lucky students were still able to participate in field trips with career mentors while adhering to social distancing policies.
LEAP's Internship Program Provides New Ways to Boost Career Readiness Skills
Internship Spotlight
LEAP summer intern, Winni, completed an architecture project with help from her career mentor, Pam Demetroulakos of Acelium, Inc. With an interest in architecture, Winni chose for her project the design of the perfect pandemic house. After surveying several people about what spaces in their house they have used most, she designed the floor plans and elevation using a CAD tool. Winni will be entering Bridgewater State in the fall.

Learning Goals:
Career Readiness, including time management, initiative, communication, project planning, self-advocacy, and career awareness

"We were sad to see the internship program wrap for the summer. Lila, our intern, has been a delight and great asset as an active participant in our Reopening Gloucester Task Force. We are so grateful to have had a youth voice on our team!"
Laura Pedone, Volunteer Career Mentor and Director of Career Pathways at Wellspring House