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The Summer Warehouse Sale

Sneak Preview!


Warehouse Sale
Saturday, June 25 and Sunday, June 26
10am to 6pm | 14 Park Street, Somerville, MA

SUNDAY STORYTIME: On Sunday at 11:30am, bring the little 'uns for a special storytime courtesy of the Cambridge Public Library! All ages are welcome.

Below is a sneak preview of just a few of the fine books that will be available at our 14 Park Street Warehouse this weekend. The books featured below are NOT eligible for pre-purchase or reserve (as yes, I am actively trying to lure you to the warehouse). Alongside these books are thousand upon thousands more, including a special section of rare and collectible books. There will also be candy.

See you soon,

Bargain Books!  

Otherwise known as Remainders, Bargain Books are new books made available at dramatically discounted prices. See the column below for just a taste of the variety that you'll find at our warehouse this weekend, where all  bargain books will be an additional 15% off their already low prices

Wolf Hall

by Hilary Mantel
Wolf Hall
$9.99, hardcover (originally $27)

In Mantel's 16th century monarchy, individuals must fight or embrace their fate with passion and courage. With a vast array of characters, overflowing with incident, the novel recreates an era when the personal and political are separated by a hairbreadth. Wolf Hall won both the Booker Prize and the National Book Award in 2009.


The Superorganism: The Beauty, Elegance, and Strangeness of Insect Societies

by Bert Ho'lldobler and Edward O. Wilson

$14.99, hardcover (originally $55)

The Pulitzer Prize-winning authors of The Ants render the extraordinary lives of the social insects--including ants, bees, wasps, and termites--in this visually spectacular volume. These tightly knit colonies of individuals represent the basic stages of biological organization and this book provides insight into a part of the world previously glimpsed by only a select few.


Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life

by Todd Oldham and Charley Harper

$21.99, hardcover (originally $49.95)

Charley Harper was an American original. For over six decades he painted colorful and graphic illustrations of nature, animals, insects, and people alike. Renowned designer Todd Oldham collaborated with Charley Harper, combing through his extensive archive to edit and design this stunning monograph.


Edward Steichen: Lives in Photography

by Todd Bradlow

$39.99, hardcover (originally $100)

"With his prodigious range, versatility, and output, Edward Steichen casts a long shadow in 20th-century photography, and this lushly produced book assesses his legacy.... This book navigates divergent critical responses and brilliantly encapsulates the innovations and transformations of this pioneer of modern photography." --Publishers Weekly


The American Civil War: A Military History

by John Keegan

$8.99, hardcover (originally $35)

The great historian John Keegan shares his insights into the psychology, ideology, demographics, and economics of the American Civil War. The Boston Globe calls the book "a thoroughly satisfying account for the general reader...[with] a multitude of intriguing insights for the Civil War buff."


The History of Western Philosophy of Religion

edited by Graham Oppy & Nick Trakakis

$99.99, hardcover (originally $415)

With 100 essays sweeping across the history of Western philosophy of religion in five volumes, this set is an indispensable resource for anyone conducting research or teaching in one of the most exciting and vibrant fields in philosophy.


Used Books!
Offerings range from $1, $2, and $3 finds to collectible first-editions and quirky out-of-print tomes. Most used books will be 60% off the cover price. Our extensive selection of rare and collectible books will be 30% off the marked price. Preview six such books below!

The Imitation Game

by Ian McEwan


$60 (hardcover) in Very Good / Good condition

Originally published by Jonathan Cape Ltd in 1981

These three television plays (Solid Geometry, Jack Flea's Birthday, Celebration) were written early in McEwan's distinguished career. The Imitation Game was shown in 1980 and received widespread critical acclaim. The Observer called it "a play of rare distinction."


Le Corbusier

edited by W. Boesiger and Max Bill

$650 (hardcover, seven volume set) in Very Good condition

Originally published by Les �ditions Girsberger Zurich in 1960

These seven volumes span six decades and his full impact on modern architecture. "Le Corbusier was the most important architect of the 20th century." -- Witold Rybczynski, architect and educator


"Let's Go, Yaz:" The Story of Carl Yastrzemski

by Robert B. Jackson

Lets Go, Yaz
$25 (hardcover) in Very Good condition

Originally published by Henry Z. Walck, Inc. in 1968

Robert B. Jackson tells the story of this athlete from his boyhood through the disappointing years of the early 1960s when the Red Sox were floundering, to the unbelievable 1967 season and Carl's emergence as the sensation of the baseball world.


Jack Straw's Castle

by Thom Gunn

$20 (pamphlet) in Very Good condition

Originally published by Frank Hallman in 1975

Thom Gunn, an English poet, infuses traditional poetic forms with his interest in popular topics. Robert Pinsky hails Gunn's poems for having "so much dignity...that they do credit to the readers who have made them classics already." One of 400 copies.

The Sculptures of Pablo Picasso

edited by Diana Widmaier Picasso

The Sculpture of Pablo Picasso
$65 (paperback) in Very Good condition

Originally published by Gagosian Gallery in 2003

The Sculptures of Pablo Picasso traces a path from the artist's early bronzes to monumental heads and carved wood figures from the Boisgeloup period as well as constructions that incorporate diverse media and objets-trouv�s. Fully illustrated, this catalog also includes an essay by art historian Robert Rosenblum.


RAW #2

edited by Fran�ois Mouly and Art Spiegelman

$300 (pamphlet) in Very Good condition

Originally published by RAW books in 1980

RAW was the flagship publication of the 1980's alternative comics movement. This rare issue, titled "The Graphix Magazine for Damned Intellectuals," includes the first serialized chapter of Maus by Art Spiegelman and City of Terror bubblegum cards. Other RAW issues will be available.



The books featured above are only available this weekend at the Harvard Book Store Warehouse. They are NOT eligible for pre-purchase or reserve.


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