Dear St. Giles Families,
We have received many questions regarding details of the remote learning option for those students unable to return to school in person for any reason. We were unable to share details with you because we had not yet received a finalized plan from the Archdiocese. However, this week the Archdiocese stepped away from their plan to solely provide an outside vendor for remote learning and instead determined that individual schools will be responsible for providing remote learning for families. This was communicated to principals through formal guidance late Thursday evening.
This is a new development and differs from the plan the Archdiocese has promoted since announcing that Catholic schools would reopen to in-person learning. Our faculty and administrators have not had the opportunity to meet to review all of the documents and discuss next steps, so I have few specifics to share with you today.  
In order to determine how best to move forward, we need concrete numbers regarding who will participate in remote learning, 5 full days per week, beginning August 19. We will send a survey to all families this week to determine how many students will participate in remote learning, which will enable us to proceed with a definitive plan. Please watch for this survey and return it as soon as possible.
We have also received several questions regarding our Health and Safety Reopening Team. While the committee is highlighted in the FAQ, they have also drafted a brief letter to inform you a bit about who they are and what they charged with. Please find their remarks below, and read the attached FAQ for other important information regarding our reopening. Finally, please scroll down to see our schedule for the opening days of school, which will enable us to ensure all health and safety protocols and procedures are in place and working.
Thank you for your patience--we will continue to share information as it becomes available!

Stay well!
Academics and Health & Safety Reopening Team
One component of our plan to re-open, required by the Archdiocese of Chicago, involves the creation of an Academics Team and Health & Safety Reopening Team. Unit Coordinators and Curriculum Chairs make up our internal Academics Team.  
Your St. Giles School Administration, Teachers, and Staff have spent the summer preparing campus and defining the logistical plan necessary to re-open on August 19th according to the guidelines and checklist established by the Archdiocese. The Health & Safety Reopening Team was created for the purpose of verifying that St. Giles School meets these Archdiocese of Chicago's School Reopening Plan criteria. Key plan elements cover Arrival & Dismissal, Wellness Checks, Traffic Flow, Cohort Creation, Classroom Layout, Lunch Arrangements, Sanitization & Protective Equipment. These areas and certification are determined by the Archdiocese, not the committee. The Health & Safety Reopening Team is comprised of Fr. Carl, St. Giles School Administration, Maintenance Staff, and parent volunteers:
Susan Donahue: employed by LabCorp, involved with COVID-19 related research/activities  
Liz Moroney: former BSJ Chair
Kenna MacKinnon: member of Parish Facilities Committee
Tim Senechalle: member of Parish Facilities Committee
As our reopening date draws near, there will be many opportunities for more parent volunteers to assist with the execution of the plan , particularly the daily safety protocol required at student drop off in the morning and dismissal at the end of the day. If you have specific questions for the team, please submit via and a member of the team will get back to you. Stay tuned for more information!

We all know school will look very different this year – temperature checks, hand sanitizer, and masks – OH MY!  

In an effort to provide a less hectic environment for faculty and staff to execute new protocols and students to learn them, we have decided to stagger which K-8 grades are on campus throughout the first 3 days of school.  Preschool will meet all 3 days in order to establish routines and have students who are not daily attendees learn the protocols.

These opening days will enable teachers and Prides to get accustomed to new protocols and routines as they return after such a long absence from school. They will have opportunities to be outside, both during recess and instructional time, which will give students a chance to remove their masks (which can be done when outside and >6 feet apart).

Each day, only ONE grade level per unit will attend school. Each day will be a “Wednesday schedule” with dismissal at 2:00 p.m. Kids Klub will be available before school beginning at 7:00 am and after school from 2:00 – 6:00 pm. Families utilizing Kids Klub on these days must be registered . Please see the information below in enews regarding registration . To prevent gathering outside and to maintain a safe physical distance, students will be allowed to enter the building this year beginning at 7:55 am until 8:15 am. The first class begins at 8:20 am daily.

Wednesday, August 19: Second, Fifth, Eighth grades 
Thursday, August 20: First, Fourth, Seventh grades
Friday, August 21: Kindergarten, Third, Sixth grades

On Monday, August 24th all students will be on campus.

We recognize that this may be an inconvenience for some and we appreciate your understanding as we work to put an emphasis on bringing everyone back to school safely. We know that our community is one of the things that makes St. Giles such a great school and we all need to rely on one another to open safely and get through these trying times!

More information regarding drop-off and pick-up as well as entry locations will be sent ahead of our opening but we wanted to make sure you have these details in order to make any arrangements for these opening days.   
Kids Klub, our before and after care program, is available to all families daily from 7:00 am -7:55 am and 3:10 pm - 6:00 pm. (Wednesdays, 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm) Registration is now open and you will find more information in our Kids Klub Handbook.
Haven't ordered your school supplies yet? Please check each grade list before your shop. We know that some supplies, like disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer may be in short supply. Please continue checking and bring them in when you are able.