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Selfie With Ladder

        (photo: AESC)




Now that my two recent exhibitions "Animals: Real and Imagined" have returned from the New Amsterdam branch of the New York Public Library and the Huntington Public Library on Long Island, I've been welcoming paintings and prints back into the Bond Street barn. You can see me here with my six-foot ladder (there's also an eight-footer for problem installations) as I figure out what to put where. Fortunately, since the loft has 11-to 12-foot ceilings, some things can be hung salon-style. 

Hose at Dusk, watercolor and oil pastel

Grape Arbor and Grasses, watercolor on Aquabord

     Garden Path in Spring, watecolor

Hose at Rest, watercolor on Aquabord 

Irises_ Liz Christy Garden_watercolor on aquabord_resized.jpg

   Irises, Liz Christy Garden, watercolor

   Roses, Liz Christy Garden, watercolor

Having accomplished this transition, I'm now moving into summer, which means the option of outdoor scenes. We just installed LeafSnap in my phone, an app for plant and tree identification that should provide lots of new information this season.

Making good use of my treasured key to our local community garden, the Liz Christy, on the corner of Houston Street and the Bowery, I've gone in to paint solo at odd hours. I'll be meeting a weekly plein air watercolor class in Washington Square Park for the Thursday afternoons of June. Our security strategies here are a bit different from, say, in the Montana Rockies, where the hazards were more like snakes or gopher holes than the contested turf of drug-dealers, but I expect we'll be just fine. I've also been to The Cloisters to photograph "medieval" garden scenes to paint at home (quite correctly, the use of wet mediums is not permitted within the museum). Every day requires its own strategy. 

Private gardens also appeal to me. I am in awe of the co-creations of nature and the imaginations of other people. 

  Garden View, Planting Fields Arboretum, watercolor

Yew Hedge and Purple Salvia, watercolor

Cloisterscape, watercolor

Hop Vine, Bonnefont Cloister, oil on canvas

September Garden, St-Michel-de-Cuxa Cloister, oil stick on canvas

If you or a friend would like to commission a garden or landscape portrait, I am happy to preserve in paint the appearance of a particular season of a garden or more distant view. Feel free to get in touch to discuss possibilities.

 Toni's Garden, watercolor

Laura's Garden, watercolor

Denise's Garden, Noho Roof, with Water Towers, watercolor on Aquabord

Annie in Liz Christy Garden

photo by Wanda Noonan


Exuberance! and Rattitude, which were sold at the SCNY spring auction,



Homage to Klimt: The HighLine: (15 October 2021), watercolor


I am working with Wanda Noonan on a new video series called 'Hints of Color,' about the role in my work, and personal life, of various colors. Below is "Purple," and more of the spectrum is available on my YouTube channel. 


Rattitude - NAWA Small Works  

Peaceful Coexistence - Salmagundi Club's "Drawings and Prints" show, July 5-15 in person

The black rat version of Rattitude is currently on view in the NAWA Small Works show, from June 15 - July 31, 2022

Rattitude, monotype 1/2

Peaceful Coexistence, monotype 2/2, colored


I am working with Wanda Noonan on a new video series called 'Hints of Color, about the role in my work, and personal life, of various colors.

Below is Purple, and more of the spectrum is available on my YouTube channel. 

Hints of Color: Purple

 Hints of Color: Purple


I continue to offer small group classes at my Bond Street studio. We're never more than five in the double-cube room: 11' x 22' x 11;' high ceiling, with good light and ventilation. A few student openings available. COVID precautions observed.


Tea is always served at break-time and the studio is air conditioned, The teas may be iced during the summer months.


Please feel free to get in touch

at 212-464-7519


Current schedule:

Monday 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Wednesday 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

studio photos by AESC


Please contact Wanda Noonan at, to schedule an appointment. 


Based on a photograph I captured in Washington Square Park, Empress and Her Retinue became a centerpiece of my show, "Animals of New York." The original is for sale, and I'm happy to be able to offer these reproduced versions as well.

We've just made an Etsy listing for the new print

Treat yourself or a loved one a gift bundle, which can include playing cards, greeting cards, or mugs decorated with my work. Available on Etsy while supplies last 


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If you're interested in taking a class with Annie Shaver-Crandell, please email her assistant, Wanda Noonan, at

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"From the beginning, Annie said to invest in good brushes. And she was right."      

An appreciation from Andrew Flynn, after about a year learning the ins and outs of watercolor in the Bond Street studio (seen above in photo, exploring effects of Verzino violet, a pigment from Italian company Maimeri Blu that he and I both treasure).