To Our Friends and Family:

It’s hard to believe that summer has come to a close and we’ve said farewell to our seventh cohort of scholars. As we reflect on our work so far this year, and look at what’s ahead, we are excited to share some updates from the Foundation with you.

Read on to learn more about upcoming events, our scholars’ summer, our latest grant recipients, news that matters about creating a world free of sexual violence (#BelieveSurvivors), and more. 

All of this work would not be possible without each of you and we are honored to call you part of the B.A. Rudolph Foundation family.

Thank you for your support and for your work changing the world!

Here's to the future that B.A. imagined, 
Mary Bruce, Executive Director
In Support of Survivors of
Sexual Harassment and Assault
Earlier this year, the Foundation released a report Rise Up: Interns, their Workplace Rights, and the Tools to End Sexual Harassment . This white paper and fact sheet shared that stronger policies have been adopted for the protection of employees, clearer channels created for individuals to report harassment, and stricter repercussions demanded for the perpetrators of these acts. But there is far more to do.

We believe that perpetrators of sexual harassment and sexual assault (whether adults or adolescents) are accountable for their actions. We also believe that the voices of survivors matter and yet are too often silenced or ignored. We invite you to share our white paper and fact sheet with your networks as we work together to create workplaces, and a world, free of sexual violence and harassment. We also encourage you to read the article Sen. Grassley Should Give Kavanaugh’s Accuser The Investigation He Says #MeToo Victims Deserve from our partners at the Purple Campaign. #BelieveSurvivors
Summer Scholar Season Highlights
We are proud of everything the 2018 Scholars accomplished in their short time together. Our 22 internship scholarship recipients :
  • Participated in 23 internships including at the offices of Senator Dick Durbin and Congresswoman Linda Sanchez, the American Red Cross, Save the Children, and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.
  • Benefited from 51 mentor matches, thanks to 20 B.A. Rudolph alumnae and others who served as mentors.
  • Attended more than 14 events, including professional development workshops on salary negotiation, networking, personal mission and career visioning, and a special networking event with Senator Blanche Lincoln. 

Scholars reported that as a result of their summer with the Foundation they: 
  • Felt more empowered personally or professionally (100%).
  • Improved their capacity to work in their field of interest (90%).
  • Improved their capacity to expand professional connections and networks (90%).
  • Developed hard skills and soft skills to support their career goals (100%).

One scholar shared, "If I met B.A., I would tell her about the amazing experiences I’ve had this summer and how eternally grateful I am to her and her goddaughters. This foundation is literally life-changing, empowering, and inspiring. Kudos to you, B.A., for being such an altruistic, caring woman and for being such a great role model for women everywhere.”  

And while the summer may be over, our 2018 scholars have only just begun their work towards creating the world they envision. As one scholar put it, “I’m going to continue causing good trouble by interrupting systems of oppression unapologetically, fearlessly asking ‘why’ and ‘how can we make this more equitable.’" Another scholar shared, “I’m going to be scrappy and make sure the good work gets done!”

Check our blog in the coming weeks to learn more about our scholars’ journey as they launch their careers! 
2018 Grant and Sponsorship Recipients
We are thrilled to announce our 2018 Grant and Sponsorship Recipients , all of whom are helping to advance the work of the Foundation: creating a society in which women have equitable access to the profession of their choice, so they can create the world they imagine.

  • Beth Quarles and Rachel Cole, Clinton School of Public Service - This grant will provide funds for their study, “Teacher Leadership in Arkansas” to explore gender disparity in K-12 school leadership and why the public school teaching force in the United States is 72% female but only 14% of district superintendents are women. 
  • Drexel Society of Women Engineers - The sponsorship will support the “The Lives and Lessons of the Underrepresented in STEM” Annual Conference to raise the voices of those who are underrepresented in STEM, and to spread awareness of the challenges they face.
  • March for Our Lives - The grant supported the March for Our Lives; a march “created by, inspired by, and led by students across the USA who will no longer risk their lives waiting for someone else to take action to stop the epidemic of mass school shootings that have become all too familiar” with students in Beeville, Texas.
  • Kristina Phillips, University of Mississippi - This grant provided funds for her dissertation study, “Increasing Access to High-Impact Practices: A Case Study on Internships at the University of Mississippi.” The study focused on challenges of African-American students and students from low socioeconomic backgrounds in pursuing internship opportunities.
  • New Politics Leadership Academy (NPLA) - This grant will support a cohort of NPLA Fellows, who will receive education and training to better prepare them to enter politics and succeed in the political arena
  • ProInspire - This grant will support ProInspire to build their virtual “Impact Accelerator” program and run three virtual professional development sessions with alumnae from B.A. Rudolph Foundation’s scholarship program. 
  • Women’s Foundation of Arkansas (WFA) - This sponsorship supported the Power of the Purse Event; an annual luncheon to honor accomplished women, announce grants made that year, and highlight other WFA programs. 

Congratulations to each of these individuals and organizations for their work. You can read more about their programs and projects on our website here .
Refined Mission; Renewed Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, in addition to a summer packed with activities, the foundation's Board of Directors has taken some time to look inward at how we are working to create the world B.A. envisioned. These reflections have led to a refinement in the way we approach our work , including an updated mission and vision, a renewed commitment to our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, and a deeper understanding of what we mean by "progressive" (a term used in the Foundation's Trust, a document penned by B.A.) during these politically polarizing times. This updated organizational language is meant both to guide the strategic use of our resources, as well as an invitation to others to help us in this work. Learn more here

If you have questions, queries, or suggestions, please email our executive director Mary Bruce or find a time that works for a call using this link .
September Blogs Roundup
The B.A. Rudolph Foundation is creating a society in which women have equitable access to the profession of their choice, so they
can create the world they imagine. We champion women who,
like B.A., seek to make a difference in the world. Learn more
about how we define progressive, and our commitment to equity here.
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