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July 2021

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Ocutech offers conventional Galilean Telescopes and Field Expanders

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Customize Ocutech videos with your practice name

Brief videos can be very effective in promoting the value of low vision care. Ocutech has produced several general information videos that can be customized to include your practice name and contact information at the end. Visit the General Information Section in the Video Gallery to view and contact us to learn more.

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Patient informational PDF free downloads

Consumer Guide to Ocutech Bioptics

Learning to use your Ocutech bioptic

How biopitics might enable you to drive

Learning to use your bioptic for driving

News from the Low Vision Division of the Vision Council

The Low Vision Division of The Vision Council will be very involved in promoting the value of low vision care as an integral part of the Vision Council's new marketing initiative: The Vision Health Alliance

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Medicare Beneficiary Access to Low Vision Assistive Technology

The Independence Through Enhancement of Medicare and Medicaid (ITEM) Coalition, experts in lobbying congress and the Department of Health and Human Services, has organized a major initiative with the support of all major organizations serving the needs of the visually impaired to make low vision aids available through Medicare. Read their position paper here.

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Educational Resources

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Refracting Low Vision Patients-- Lessons Learned

All of our patients are hoping that we’ll give them a new eyeglass prescription that will give them back their vision. Here are lessons learned from 40 years of refracting low vision patients- or, how to not embarrass yourself.

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Promoting Your Low Vision Practice: Marketing 101

Getting them into your chair- marketing your low vision practice. Despite all the awareness surrounding macular degeneration, stem cell transplants, intra-ocular telescopes and bionic eyes, low vision care is still a third cousin. Here's what works.


Optics vs. Digital Displays for Low Vision

Virtual reality technologies have limitations that should be carefully evaluated and considered before their implementation in clinical settings. When marketing these devices as low vision aids, approaches for reporting field of view should be consistent with industry standards based on existing telescopic aids.


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