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It's the last week of June already, and that means there are only 4 more days to help us get our Vancity video up to 1,000 views. Do you know anyone we can send it to before the end of the month? 


We've also got a lot of congratulations to pass out this month, to our graduating BLOOM kids, to Johanna for an amazing job on the Spring Season, and to a whole schwack of kids joining Talia and Amanda in the Big Sibling Club. 


Don't forget, we're closed on Canada Day (July 1), and for the week from July 29 - Aug. 6, and you can always find our schedule of events on our Google Calendar.


Find it all, and more, below! 

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Policy Update: Allergies
From the Blog: Cubbies Clean and Clear
BLOOM Season Comes to an End
Business of Impact Video
Congrats to all the new big sibs!
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Policy Update: Allergies


After consulting with the Community Health Nurse this month, we've made a revision to our allergy policy, and will now be requiring such information to be authorized by a doctor. 
If your child has a known or unknown allergy, or has been prescribed an Epi-Pen for anaphylaxis, we will be passing along a new allergy form which we can help you understand how to complete. Please get in touch with Lawrence if you have any questions, or need help updating your allergy profile. 

From the Blog: Keeping Cubbies Clean and Clear

All the kids know their stuff belongs in the "cubby, cubby, cubby." They even remind themselves about it as they shuffle over with their shoes, lunch boxes, and treasures. :)


As they get a bit older, they soon learn the whole system for keeping the cubbies labeled and clear, but while they're learning, sometimes they need a bit of help.


From taking a card and writing names, collecting stuff, erasing the card and putting it back in the cubby for the next child. It's a lot to remember!


Test your memory too! Take a quick look at the Ins and Outs of Daycare post on our blog and make sure you have the facts so that your child can quickly get it straight. :)

Another Season Comes to an End
BLOOM Class 2013
The BLOOM kids had a lot of ground to cover, and Johanna created an amazing season of fun and adventure. This week is the end of their classes until September, and we want to wish everyone a wonderful summer, and a huge congratulations to all the kids, and to Johanna for a super Job Well Done!  

If you missed the updates, you can find all of Johanna's reports on her Projects Page

To register your child for September's class, please contact Talia to find out about requirements and eligibility. Buddies must be 3 by the end of November to join the Autumn season.  
Business of Impact Video Features Buddings!

It's the last week of June and we only need 33 more views on our video to hit the 1,000 mark! Only 33!!! Who else can we send it to? 

You can post it on Facebook, or Twitter, or just share it to your friends via email. Do you know anyone who could benefit from flexible care for toddlers or preschoolers? Of course you do! Help us help them!

And don't forget, when your friends apply to Buddings, you get a 3 hour bonus! Share widely!
Vancity Stories of Impact - Budding Children's Garden and Daycare

Congratulations to all our new big sibs!


Babies are born all through the year, of course, but this summer, there's a Buddings baby boom! So many of our buddies have joined the Big Sibling Club this week that we wanted to take a quick moment to welcome our families' newest members! 

Congratulations to Zak and his family on the birth of his twins Sebastian and Nyloni. And congratulation to Eva, Atlin, and Reese, and their families, on the arrivals of Emma and Marin. 
Thank you so much for bringing the babies in! We're so excited for you all. 

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