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Volume XIV, Issue 19
 June 25, 2020




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Summer Has Arrived!

Cathy Stepp, Executive Director, Ozarks Water Watch   
Yes, I know the header photo doesn't feature water.  However, it does capture the stunning beauty of Buffalo Ridge golf course where we just concluded our annual golf outing fundraiser.  A gorgeous day featured lots of laughs, fun, and even a few mulligans! Thank you to our sponsors and all of the golfers.  Most importantly, a sincere thanks to our partners at   Missouri Sports Hall of Fame for their organizing and implementing the event.  A little friendly peer pressure and ribbing got our raffle ticket sales up this year, too!

Thanks to our sponsors! 

Our Carin Love happy to sell raffle tickets!

Team Herschend!

Thanks to Jerald from MO Sports Hall of Fame!

Our David Casaletto enjoying a break in the action!

Stunning vistas!


Our Erin Scott has been busy during her first week on board.  She has been reaching out to partners in the water quality world of NW Arkansas.  Some great opportunities are in front of us regarding providing input to the state's regulatory proposals.  Some great opportunities to join with Beaver Water District on updating our StreamSmart program as well as potential science projects into the impacts of septic systems on water quality.  Stay tuned for more on those items.


The USEPA and USACOE are now implementing their updated  Navigable Water Protections Rule that went into effect a few days ago.  The agencies worked hard over the last several years to incorporate public input.  As I mentioned in our last newsletter, lawsuits were expected and filed.  At last count, 17 states have filed suit, along with several environmental advocacy groups.  While some say the new rule is a "rollback" of the Clean Water Act, many regulated entities say it is still too much federal overreach.  The longterm goal of defining what exactly is a "federal water" has been to provide regulatory clarity to landowners, farmers, state agencies, etc. Knowing what the rules are on upholding water quality is key to environmental protection.  Lawsuits will continue for years, as they have already to date. Meanwhile, we keep watching to make sure Arkansas and Missouri agencies are being protective of the non-federal jurisdictional waters. 

Secchi Day  is named for the Secchi Disk, a black and white device lowered into the water to measure clarity. Volunteers with boats help us gather samples that day. This takes about 20-30 minutes, but there's travel time involved depending on where your sample point is located.  This year's Secchi Day, in coordination with Beaver Water District and LOTS of other partners, is scheduled for  August 15th. If you'd like to volunteer your time to measure water clarity, please contact  Matthew Rich from BWD.

Quote of the Week  
Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean. John Muir

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