Seasonal Newsletter Update June 13th 2020
Thank you to all who have been out to FLB and are planting flowers, mowing, and making FLB look like we are open! 

Speaking of open....there isn't anything new from Governor Pritzker in regards to campgrounds. We just received a letter from Lake County reminding us that our pool and swimming in the lake must remain closed until Phase 4. The SOONEST that will be is June 26th. Finger's crossed!

So what is happening new this weekend? 
The store will be open for ice cream, candy, soda, chips, souvenirs, tshirts, sweatshirts and bagged ice! How does a hot fudge sundae with whip cream and a cherry on top sound? Anyone missing a blue goo flavor burst cone? Maximum of 3 customers in the store at a time and face masks required to enter. Safety first! Our clerks are super excited to be back in the swing of things! Since today is our first day service is starting at noon and will go until 7pm.

We also will be having one of our lifeguards stationed on a picnic table near the beach to rent out fun stuff to do on the lake!  Boats and life jackets will be sanitized after each use. If under 18 your parent must sign our waiver. All come with life jackets.  Hours that an attendant will be at the beach is 12p-4p on Saturday, and 12p-3p on Sunday.

Watercraft Rental Rates
Canoe  $15 per hour
Rowboat   $15 per day
Pedal boat   $10 per hour, $7 per 1/2 hour
Stand up paddleboard   $10 per hour
Single Kayak     $10 per hour. Must be 13+ w/parent consent.
Double Kayak $15 per hour. Must be 13+ w/parent consent.

Frequently Asked Questions and Updated Answers: 6/13/20

How can I get a gate card?
Send an email to and request the number of gate cards you need. There is a $25 refundable deposit needed for each gate card; paid by cash or check. Within 24 hours your gate cards will be ready for you at the store. 
How can I pay my license fees?
If you wish to pay by credit card , please call 847-546-2228 during our current business hours,  9-5 daily. Leave a voice mail message with your number and name-please do not leave your credit card information. If you wish to pay by check, place it in an envelope with your name and site number and drop it off at the gatehouse. If you wish to pay cash , call us and tell us the date and time you would like to make your payment and we will meet you in front of the store at the time you need; staff is available 9-5 every day.
How can I get a boat sticker for storing my boat at the lake?
Pick up an addendum from the store and pay $25 per boat. If you keep your boat, canoe, kayak, paddleboard, etc on your lot there is no fee. 
Can I get a Golf Cart sticker?
Fish Lake does not allow golf carts except for those with a handicap. You must have permission from YC to get a golf cart. If you have permission from YC, simply pick up a golf cart form at the store. There is no fee for a golf cart sticker. Proof of golf cart insurance is required to obtain the sticker.
I haven't gotten my vehicle passes what?
If you have completed Docusign forms accurately and completely along with emailing a picture of each car registration, drivers license, proof of trailer insurance for the vehicles and individuals entered in Docusign you should have received an email stating that your car passes are ready and waiting for you at the gate.  If not, send an email to camping@fishlakebeach and ask what is needed. The staff will either email you or call you back. If you don't have computer access to Docusign, call 847-546-2228 let us know and other arrangements will be made.
What if I need to add or remove a vehicle or update my information on my registration? 
Pick up an addendum form from the store, complete it and return it to the store.  
  NEW! Order split logs and bagged ice on Fridays and Saturdays and have them delivered!
Buy split logs of firewood by calling 847-546-2228 by 3pm on Friday and Saturday for delivery to your site between 4-8pm on that same day. Split logs are $12 for 15 logs. Please pay with exact cash at the gate for packaged firewood, and pay with exact cash when delivered.

You may also pay for split logs with a credit card when you call to order.  Ice is also available for delivery: $2.50 for 7lb bag or $7.50 for 20lb bag
If we didn’t qualify for Guest Passes, must our guests pay admission? 
Yes, your guests need to pay the $6 fee at the gate or you can go in advance and pay it for them at the gate.
What can we do at Fish Lake Beach right now?
The Following Are Permitted
·          Beach area is open for walking, relaxing-socially distance from others. Walking on shore ok, entering water to ankle level only. Playing in the sand.
·          Dog Park-socially distance from others
·          Campfires in the fire ring at the campsite.
·          Bike riding, walking and walking dogs throughout the park, 6 feet apart from others.
·          Fishing from the shore and pier 6ft apart from others.
·          Use of non motorized boating with your own watercraft, e.g. canoes, kayaks etc.
·          Gaga Ball, Basketball, Volleyball and Softball Fields - please bring your own equipment and play among your family only.
·          Come to the Store: Maximum 3 people in the store at a time, please wear a mask. We're offering the following for purchase: ice cream, bagged ice, souvenirs, candy, chips, soda, water along with mini-golf and boat rental. Hours: 9am-7pm, 7 days a week.
·          Laundry machines near the Pavilion are ready for use.
·          Mini-Golf is open.
·          Bath Houses at the store and Pavilion are open and ready for use.

These areas of the park are CLOSED :  Lake Swimming, Pavilion, Playgrounds, Pool/Hot tub.
What can I do to help?
·            If you or any of your family members are sick or experiencing symptoms consistent with the COVID-19 virus do not come to Fish Lake Beach.
·            All individuals on property must follow CDC Guidelines for social distancing during the entire time in the park, including staying 6 feet apart from others
·            Stick to gathering with no more than 10 people at your site.
·            Wearing a mask when socially distancing is not possible.
·            Please do not flush these in your toilet---disinfecting wipes, baby wipes, personal hygiene wipes, cleaning wipes or wipes of any kind, including wipes labeled ‘flushable’. Wipes cannot be processed by our septic systems and end up damaging pumps and tanks. Also, please use biodegradable RV toilet paper for that same reason.

Stay safe and enjoy your home away from home!

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