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The warm weather has finally arrived to Northeast Ohio! Hopefully you are making the most out of whatever season you are experiencing right now, given the present circumstances. Normally the only thing you have to worry about during the summer is not getting a sunburn, but this summer has thrown us a curve ball: the COVID-19 virus. 

We missed sharing our full newsletter with you last time, another loss due to the Coronavirus. As critical supplier to many medical gas device manufacturers we have been all extra hard at work. Over this time we have had to learn how to adapt to the influx of new business that we are experiencing. With that being said we had to push our newsletter back, so prepare yourself for a slightly longer newsletter as we cover information that we might have missed.

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Summer is back
Summer in Northeast Ohio is here and it's in full force. Whether you’re in Cleveland, Akron, or any of the surrounding cities there’s certainly something for your family and friends to check out. If you have an itch to go outdoors this summer then the Cleveland Metroparks are the place for you to go. Spanning over 23,700 acres in 18 different locations give you plenty of options to go and explore. The metroparks offer a variety of organized activities such as archery, guided backpacking trips, boating, concerts, golfing, horseback riding, and zip lining. If organized activities aren't your thing you can still explore nature by walking, running, hiking, biking, picnicking, and fishing. Will all these options you could easily spend hours if not days at the metroparks.
Pictured above is one of the many Cleveland Metroparks
Micro Brews  
Another fun hidden gem in Northeast Ohio is the microbrew scene. Business is booming for these local microbrews. Platform Beer Co. and Fat Head’s Brewery are two Cleveland established microbrews that bring a new taste to the microbrew scene. Cleveland is renowned for their excellent microbreweries, which are sprinkled all throughout the greater Cleveland area. 
Platform Beer Company is relatively new to the microbrew game, being founded in 2014. Although they are young they have had great success which has led them to expand their taprooms into Columbus Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio, and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. As for their actual brews they have a wide variety, but are anchored by their IPAs. One of their best IPAs is the Speed Merchant, which is brewed year round. They also carry a wide variety of seasonal beers that all have wonderfully unique tastes. 
Fat Head’s Brewery is technically not a Cleveland founded company, but it seems that Fat Head’s has found their home in Cleveland. They originally founded their first tap house in Pittsburgh back in 1992. It would then take a while for them to get their feet off the ground, but in 2009 they finally established their first Cleveland brewery and saloon. They now have four locations in Middleburg Heights Ohio, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, North Olmsted Ohio, and Canton Ohio. Fat Head’s is world-renowned for their Headhunter IPA, but they also have a large amount of other beers brewed year round as well as a plethora of seasonal brews.
In other Northeast Ohio News...

Sporting events of alll sorts were put on hold, but now the pandemic seems to be slowing down and we have seen the major sports leagues brainstorming ideas on how to return. Each league is in a different state right now, but they all currently plan to start or return to their current season. Of the three major sports leagues, the NBA was the only one to have their season interrupted halfway through, while the MLB has had to delay the start of their season and the NFL season is set to start at the normal time.
Kukui music festival
If you are looking for an event that never decided to cancel or postpone, look no further than the Kukui Music Festival. This electronic dance music style festival will be held in downtown Cleveland. They are putting on a musical festival but social distance style.They are taking every precaution they can to follow the state of Ohio's plan . To read more about the Kukui music festival, chick here .
2020 has been a year of firsts and uncertainty. The month of March marked the eruption of COVID-19 also commonly known as Coronavirus. The virus has been tracked back to December of 2019 to a breakout in Wuhan China. This outbreak has put the world on edge for the past many months. As for us at Bay Corporation, we have had to do our fair share of adjustments. We have added a second production shift. These two shifts work Monday through Friday spanning 16 hours, and we are also operating on Saturdays for 10 hours. We have also been making sure we are doing everything possible to make sure our employees are staying safe and healthy by following the CDC and the state of Ohio's guidelines.

Normally we would talk about all the big events that are going to happen in Northeast Ohio throughout our summer, but sadly due to COVID-19 most major events have been cancelled or postponed until fall. We do have hope because the state of Ohio opened up on June 10th.

The Coronavirus has had an effect on almost every aspect of life from simple tasks such as getting a haircut to global scale supply chains. We have seen stay at home orders, restricted travel, empty grocery shelves and closed signs on many businesses. We have also seen a lot of amazing feats overcome, especially in the healthcare field. Throughout all of these uncertain times, it has been heartwarming to see how we have not let this divide us globally, as a nation or even locally. 
We take the wellness of our employees very seriously, especially at a time like this. We are encouraging employees to wear masks, and maintain their six foot distance from each other when possible. We are emphasizing employees to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer when appropriate. We have also hired a company nurse, who makes sure we are all behaving correctly. She even taught us a fun little song to sing while we wash our hands. Along with all of that, we have added additional filtered water stations throughout our facilities.

Sustainability Tips
Here are some sustainable tips for the summer months. First is a great way to cool your house without having to always blast the air conditioning. What you should do is open all your windows at night to let all the cool air in. Then during sunrise close all your windows. The Second tip is to hang dry your clothes outside. This cuts down on wasted energy used when you use a dryer. Third is to make sure you use reusable water container. Staying hydrated is key during these summer months. So why don't you ditch the plastic water bottles and get a reusable one. Our final tip is to unplug and go outside. Instead of staying inside on your laptop, phone or TV why don't you go out and enjoy the nice summer days. There's so much to do from going on a walk to going to the pool.
Promotions and new hires
Bay Corporation would like to welcome our new hire Hannah Schmalz. She joined us back in June of 2019 as our customer service representative. Israel Deleon is currently working towards becoming one of our CAD engineers.

We would also like to acknowledge a few employees who have recently received promotions.
  • Brian Forgach as Vice President of Sales
  • Steve Neff as Director of Engineering
  • Evan Thorkelson as Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs
  • Amanda Schmitz as Sales Office Manager
  • Justin Winkler as National Accounts Manager

We are also pleased to announce the retirement of Brooks Hull (Chairman) and Bruce Wick (VP Engineering).
On the road again
It's sad to say but we have not been on the road. Due to the virus all the trade shows have been canceled. Look for us to be back on the road hopefully in the next edition of the newsletter!
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In The Spotlight
Name: Cathy Burns

Title: Lead assembler

Years at Bay Corporation: 3.5 years

Quick Facts: I am a 50 year old mother of three boys and one girl. I also have six grandchildren.

What are three things you have a passion for?
  1. My family
  2. My friends
  3. My job

What are your favorite things about Cleveland/Northeast Ohio?
It's my home!

Who will be the next Cleveland sports team to win a Championship? 
The Cleveland Browns.
What are your proudest accomplishments professionally and personally?
Personally, seeing my son Erik graduate high school. Professionally is being given the opportunity to grow and make something of myself at Bay Corporation.

Learn more about Cathy here !
Healthy Summer Recipes
Avocado Egg Boats
Seared Tuna with Avocado Salsa
Spinach Pesto with Pasta
Greek Yogurt Fruit Tart
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