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Try on a Disbility  



"Try on a Disability" is on sale through our website and available for purchase at $20 plus shipping and handling.  


This DVD is a wonderful educational piece that can be used in companies, by architects and designers. In schools, or at clubs and associations. It's less than an hour long, and it tells a very powerful story.


Please go to our website
to purchase, or call Zosia at


to order. 

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Hope is 

Not A Plan


The video, "Hope is Not A Plan" is now available on the website, in our blog and at This film should be required viewing for everyone, whether you have a disability or not. Why, you ask? Simple. Most of us will, at some time in our lives, become disabled in some way. The fact is that those of us with disabilities have no civil rights when compared to those of us who are not disabled. This should resonate with every Canadian. No disability? Your time may come. Do you want your rights? Watch the video.


An election is almost on us, and we need to discuss civil rights for people with disabilities with politicians. People with disabilities do not have a way to enforce civil rights in British Columbia, or indeed anywhere in Canada. This must change!  


View the video. Pass the link around. It's less than an hour long, and it can have a huge, and a positive, impact - if enough people see it!  



Summer is Heere


As soon as summer rolls in, we start getting busier with events and other issues. This will be a rather brief newsletter due to a number of issues, but mostly due to the fact that our Day of Pos-Abilities is happening on July 11! Not a lot of time to get the word out, so we're counting on you.


Canada Day


Canada Day is on Wednesday, so this is really short notice, but we still need help.




We have been given a 10 X 20 foot space, but we only have a 10 X 10 tent! If you have, or if you know someone who has, a 10 X 10 marquee-type tent (roof only), who would be kind enough to loan it to us, we will be most grateful. our chief concern is the sun. With any luck, it won't be the rain!




The Canada Day festivities run from 11:00 AM until 8:00 PM. We need volunteers for 10:00 AM to set it up (tents, tables, chairs, etc.) and again at 8:00 PM for the take-down.


We need volunteers to be there to answer questions, to talk to the attendees, and to do whatever else is needed. We're hoping that  people will come in for four hour shifts this year (last year it was 6 hour shifts).


Please contact me as soon as you can to let me know when you can be there.



Day of Pos-Abilities


Our Day of Pos-Abilities is shorter in terms of hours, but it's more intense. It starts at 11:00 AM and runs until 3:00 PM, but there's lots of prep work and take down work 
Set-Up and Take-Down

We need volunteers to start setting up the grounds and the obstacle course at 9:00 so we can be ready to go at 11:00. Then we need volunteers (hopefully many of the same faces) to help take the course down starting at 3:00. Take-down should be quicker than setting up.




Many of you helped out at last year's event and we are hoping that you will be able to volunteer your time again. We need volunteers for all sorts of things such as manning booths, working in the kitchen, putting together the obstacle course and manning it throughout the day. 


We also need people to collect money for the food, to man our own booth, and to be runners between people. We will have some walkie-talkies so we will all be able to stay in touch with each other. Please let me know if you can volunteer this year and what jobs you might like to do and what hours you have available.


Please get back to me asap. If you know someone who might like to help please sign them up as well. 


Please get back to me as soon as possible. This is our most important event of the year, and we need your help. If you know someone who might like to help please sign them up as well. 


Our New Headquarters

We have arranged for a new location with an actual "store-front" look, exposure, and, most importantly, more room! It's getting to the point in our existing storage facility that to get one small item from the back we had to practically empty the space out and then put everything back! "Annoying" barely describes it.


We get the space mid-July. At this point we will be selecting either the weekend of July 18 or the weekend of July 25
for the move. So we'll need volunteers for that as well.We have arranged for a truck, so we need strong backs to load everything and, of course, to unload everything.


This will make life so much easier for the folks who handle equipment! More information on the date, etc. will follow.



A Gala for All Pos-Abilities


On Friday October 30 we will be holding our first Masquerade Gala at the Cascades Casino in Langley. Everyone will be asked to come in costume and a prize will be given for the best outfit. 


We'll have a special emcee, lots of entertainment, a guest speaker and a silent auction. We may even have a live auction! More on that later.


Try On a Disability

Our Try on a Disability Challenge, where 9 prominent Langlians (this word was just invented, we'll notify Webster's later) will accept our challenge to be in a wheelchair for a full working day, is still on course. 


The purpose is to both educate and to raise money for the Society. The participants will be filmed by a team of Kwantlen University students as part of their school project. The videos will be shown during the gala and the challengees will share a brief story of what it was like for them to spend a day in a wheelchair. That might provide a few hilarious moments. Just ask anyone who has tried out navigating a wheelchair!


Three videos will be chosen as winners and each one will receive a scholarship.

Oh, I almost forgot! Dinner will be eaten blind-folded. Now there's a challenge for every sighted person!


 New Board Members


Finally, I am pleased to announce some new additions to your Board of Directors:


Vice President: Dale Choquette

Secretary: Judy Vanderhorst

Treasurer: Murray Scott

Director, Equipment Coordination: Claude Choquette


My sincere thanks to these folks for stepping up, and, of course, to those board members who remained with us for another term.


Once again, I hope to see everyone at the events, and I hope to be inundated with phone calls, emails, carrier pigeons and telegraphs from all of you who will be clamoring to volunteer. Until then, stay well!