July 2018
As we move deeper into the heart of the Texas summer, we are reminded that our natural resources are fragile. With severe drought conditions increasing across our state, it is even more essential than ever to be mindful of how we use our water resources.

Texas is blessed with an abundance of lakes that supply much of our drinking water, while providing fishing, boating, and other unparalleled recreational activities. So rather than staying inside the air conditioning, step outside to enjoy these lakes, and remember just how important they are to our way of life.

Stay cool (I know I've had my fair share of pool and river time this summer),
Jeff Crosby

Jeff Crosby
Executive Director
How Private Land Protects Our Drinking Water

Standing atop the large granite rocks rising high above the lakes that span the horizon below, it is easy to see the impact Red Rock Ranch has on the water ending up in homes of over 1 million people in Texas.
Why Were They Built?
With nearly 200 lakes, we have an abundance of great places to fish, swim, and boat in Texas, but were these lakes built solely for our fun and enjoyment?

Find Your West Texas Oasis
In West Texas, water is often seen as the lifeblood of the region, so the lakes and rivers here can be a large draw for many uses.

Be sure to check the current drought conditions in your area.
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