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The passing of a legend
Maybe we can all learn something
A note from  Jon Flora, President & CEO

For all of us who grew up in the Puget Sound area in the 60's and 70's, it was impossible not to know or be related to someone who worked for the Boeing Company.  In those days, the space program and a lot of other aviation projects captured everyone's imagination.

Earlier this week, Joe Sutter - the "Father of the 747" - passed away.  This guy was a legend.  Imagine leading the development and construction of the world's largest airplane from start to finish in 29 months! 

The plane had its maiden flight on Sunday, February 9, 1969.  It was a huge deal for our region.  My parents even let us skip church to watch it on TV.  Five months later, Neil Armstrong and company landed on the moon.  Wow. 

A dozen years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Sutter at a function that included many of his then octogenarian engineering colleagues.  Their lifelong work contributed to massive and unprecedented change in our world.  I still pinch myself when I realize I was in a room filled with people who made aviation, American and global history.  That just doesn't happen every day!

They can all be described as: smart, talented, creative, dedicated and committed.  They were active in our communities.  They were nice people.  These were amazing individuals doing incredible work.  Hence, their ultimate label:  The Incredibles.

Most are now gone and Joe Sutter was the last of the true legends.  The really cool thing is that, at 95, he was still going to his office and helped make a sale of the 747 a few months ago.

We can all learn from Joe Sutter and his colleagues.  As credit professionals , we help our companies fund creative enterprises and innovation.  Take a few minutes to read the Seattle Times story about him and read his book about the 747.  Both are inspiring read and might encourage you in your journey.  At the very least, you'll say "wow".

Here's to a great - and inspiring -September,
P.S.  The first 747 is on display at Seattle's Museum of Flight.

Six weeks to go.   Are you registered? 

A year of planning and a lot of thoughtful discussion about presenting the best speakers.  It all comes together next month in Seattle and we hope you are planning to be with us.

More than 125 have already registered and more continue to sign up each day.  What awaits them is a variety of presentations important to the credit profession.  There will also be some great networking opportunities throughout the conference.

Check out the conference website at www.nacmwrcc.com and register today.  Don't forget to book your hotel room, too!

Tee up for the NACM Golf Tournament!
The place to be in September!

The 88th Annual Bryce T. Wilson Golf Tournament returns on September 9th at Maplewood Golf Course, Renton, WA.
It's time to invite your foursome, sponsor a hole, or contribute prizes.  Steven Hopkins, CCE continues to Chair the Tournament Committee and will is busy  contacting members about participating.  If you would like to be involved or be a sponsor, just click here.
Golfing will begin with a shotgun start promptly at 8:00 a.m. and we'll be off the course by 12:15 p.m.  Lunch, prizes and festivities will follow afterwards, and we'll be done by 2:30 .
The Bryce T. Wilson Tournament raises money to support scholarships for professional education for our credit professionals.  Whether you like to golf or just hang out around a beautiful course, this is always a fun day for all.  See you in September!

How Presidential Elections Affect the Markets
What does history tell us?

Mary Ann Bartels, Head of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Portfolio Strategy takes a look back to offer some sense of what the future holds.  Click here to read.
UTA, Vantiv, Dade
Your payment processing solutions

As one of America's leading payment solution providers, and NACM preferred partner, UTA will help you find the best processing solutions to enhance your cash flow, eliminate processes that are inefficient, and provide you easy-to-understand reports and money-saving ways to manage your receivables and customer payments.

Our staff has just learned more about new offerings from UTA and their partners, and we suggest you take a look if you need new solutions.  Contact your NACM BCS representative or give us a call at 800-423-5710.

Upcoming Education Opportunities from NACM

Business Credit Principles Online
Fall Quarter Course Begins Sept. 19

Would you like to advance your career in Credit Management but your hectic schedule does not permit the traditional classroom setting? Start by taking NACM's CAP courses online.  NACM BCS is proud to offer Business Credit Principles Course online through Edmonds Community College.  You have the flexibility of working around your schedule within set deadlines that are outlined in the course syllabus.  While the BCP course is online, you're still able to engage with your fellow students through the online system called Canvas.  NACM is thrilled to offer this class that reaches our broad demographic area.   Don't wait to start your CAP courses, Register Today!

Learn from History
Pull Credit Reports

As the 2008 financial meltdown approached, there was a common mistake made.  Companies quit pulling credit reports.  Sometimes it was done as a cost-saving measure, other times it just didn't get done for whatever reason.

In the end, ignoring reports proved to be a major and costly mistake for many of our members and customers.  Credit reports are an important tool to help keep your company and your customers of out of trouble.

NACM Business Credit Services is here to help you.  If you need a source for reports or have new people on your staff who don't how to read a report, give us a call.  We can also help you understand the difference been good and bad reports.  An inexpensive report is low cost
for a reason.  Don't just buy on price point alone.  We have the best reports - domestic and international - and alerts available so let us help you determine which tool you need in your credit toolbox.

Credit Reports are your best friend.  Get the right one and use it regularly!

For more information, call us at  800-423-5710   

NACM National Fall Courses
Presented at Maryland HQ

The following courses will be presented at NACM's National Headquarters this fall.  Online classes are also offered.  For more information, follow the link below.

Financial Statement Analysis 2
Credit & Risk Assessment
September 18-22

Financial Statement Analysis 1
October 2-7

For more information about either course, please click 
Seattle is the place to be
Register Today

You've been hearing about it for months and it is less than 45 days away.  The NACM Western Region Credit Conference will be one of the best professional education opportunities this year. Great speakers and networking in a great environment.

Register today and book your hotel rooms just by clicking here 

Seattle is the place to be next month.  We look forward to seeing you! 

News from Our World
Important Business Highlights

Stay current on news from some of  the communities served by NACM Business Credit Services . 

Click on the following links for the latest:

National            American Companies Drowning in Debt


Puerto Rico      Pensions:  $2 Billion in Assets; $45 Billion in Liabilities

What does your Crystal Ball tell you about the future of the economy?


Last month's question and results:

Did the recent political conventions cause you to change how you will vote in the November elections? 

100% of the respondents answered "NO".  

Thankfully, it will all be over in less than 70 days!  Thanks for participating.


September Industry Trade Group Schedule
Join your counterparts

Join your counterparts in sharing information and contributing data to NACM.  Everyone benefits from this collaboration.

9.  7     Food
9.  8     Waterworks
9.13      Transportation
9.19     Floor
9.20     HVAC
9.21     Tacoma Construction
9.22      Eastside Construction


9.21     Alaska Suppliers and Food


9.20     Hawaii Hospitality 
9.21     Hawaii Food
9.23     Hawaii Building



                 9.  5    Labor Day - NACM Office closed
                 9.  9    Bryce T. Wilson Golf Tournament, Renton, WA


         10.12-14   NACM Western Region Credit Conference, Seattle, WA


        2.16   Hawaii Winter Seminar - Honolulu, HI

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!
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